AF2010 Special // Ready For Work

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Hi everyone!

WOW! It's been ages since I've blogged. Thank you to a hectic beginning of 2010 and a chest cold that can't be kicked.

But there is nothing more exciting to come back to than ACCESSORY FAIR 2010. I've got two great finds to wet your appetite today. A lot of us at GLANCE have been enjoying this fair. And if you haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for???

Usually I like to create an outfit, and then chose accessories that help create a dynamic look. But in celebration of the fair, I first chose a few accessories and built the outfit around it. In the end, I created a fun little casual look. I don't want to spend too much time on the outfit, so I'll let you know that the top is from Armidi, the skirt from Phoenix Rising, the shoes from LeLutka, and the hair from

Let me first bring some attention to: *SiSSi*

One of the things I love about SiSSi is how completely fun the jewelry is that SiSSi String creates. When I first saw this necklace, I had to laugh at myself. I wear glasses, and have hung them on my belt, my pockets, my shirt, and yes even a necklace. Of course, I always end up asking myself "Where are my glasses?!" and frantically pat my head only to mess up my hair and realize I have it hanging off some other accessory. So, needless to say I love this necklace. Not only is it it fun, and totally fits my personality but it contains a script to change colours AND is modifiable so one can tint it appropriately. This leaves us with endless possibilities in one piece, especially since the menu contains 20 (yes, TWENTY) different colours. And as small as this detail may be, it made me so happy that the package included options to attach the necklace either to one's chest or spine. Check out "Where are my glasses" and other great accessories by Sissi String at the Fair.

Hop on the taxi to arive at the *SiSSi* booth.

Next let me focus on a set of earrings from: SIGMA

I'm not quite sure why, perhaps it has something to do with Spring being around the corner...but I am completely in love with teal, cyan, and vibrant ocean colours. My eyes instantly focused on these earring created by Sofi Trenkins. The first thing that caught my attention was the vibrant colours and elegant shape. Then I looked further at the detail, which is simply immaculate. The earrings come in either silver or gold trimming. The metal is perfect and the design drops into delicate leaves with amazing texture detail. And if you're not as obsessed with these blue and sea colours as I am, you're still in luck. The "Admira earrings" come in five different colours: brown, charcoal, red, purple, and sea. And, you don't have to stop there as there is a matching necklace.

Hop on the taxi to arrive at the SIGMA booth.

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GIA Style Card // The Storyteller

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Storytelling is a timeless art form - an complex mixture of song, chant, music, parable and poetry. In African and Caribbean culture, The accomplished storyteller was a revered and auspicious figure in his or her community since the oral tradition is an interactive form of entertainment that engages the speaker and all the listeners on varying levels.

In honour of Black History Month as observed in Canada and the United States, today's styling pays homage to the Afrocentric storyteller, dressed in a traditional frock for more formal occasion - poised to recount the tale of how the famed trickster Anansi (the spider) got all his stories (story below the cut):

Once there were no stories in the world. The Sky-God, Nyame, had them all. Anansi went to Nyame and asked how much they would cost to buy.

Nyame set a high price: Anansi must bring back Onini the Python, Osebo the Leopard, the Mmoboro Hornets, and Mmoatia the dwarf.

Anansi set about capturing these. First he went to where Python lived and debated out loud whether Python was really longer than the palm branch or not as his wife Aso says. Python overheard and, when Anansi explained the debate, agreed to lie along the palm branch. Because he cannot easily make himself completely straight a true impression of his actual length is difficult to obtain, so Python agreed to be tied to the branch. When he was completely tied, Anansi took him to Nyame.

To catch the leopard, Anansi dug a deep hole in the ground. When the leopard fell in the hole Anansi offered to help him out with his webs. Once the leopard was out of the hole though he was bound in Anansi's webs and was carried away.

To catch the hornets, Anansi filled a calabash with water and poured some over a banana leaf he held over his head and some over the nest, calling out that it was raining. He suggested the hornets get into the empty calabash and, when they obliged, quickly sealed the opening.

To catch the dwarf he made a doll and covered it with sticky gum. He placed the doll under the odum tree where the dwarfs play and put some yam in a bowl in front of it. When the dwarf came and ate the yam she thanked the doll which of course did not reply. Annoyed at its bad manners she struck it, first with one hand then the other. Anansi captured her.

Anansi handed his captives over to Nyame who rewards him with the stories, which now become known as Anansi stories or Anansesem.

All Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel (from the "Diva" set)

For store locations, see SLurls page.

  • Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::SjORs:: Coffee - iLinerWine by Iki Ikarus (Dutch Touch)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Rocca Ebony by KateForster Akina (Tukinowaguma)
  • Dress: KANAVAL VA RETOURNER DRESSCHARITY VENDOR by Cutea Benelli (Grim Bros.) *No longer available; Red Cross+Haiti fundraising exclusive
  • Necklace: -= UZURI =- Enkai Necklace by Bella Bombast (UZURI)
  • Earrings: *KC* Square *GOLD* Bamboo Earrings (Double) (LD) by Kimberly Casanova (KCD)
  • Bangles: DS Wood Bangles Light (BOXED) by Polly Pavlova (The Body Politik)

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GIA Style Alert // Imani skin is Back

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We all love new releases..all kind of new releases. But today we are talking about something special..something better then the old one..something that Laqroki made it for us .Skins represent women power..and we can have it in second life.That’s what laqroki made for us ..a new fabulous skin..something you will enjoy.So follow me on today’s style card..

Imani represents one of laqroki skins..imani2 represents a better way of the old skin.That’s what we have for today a fabulous skin that rocks on everybody..something you will want to own after you see the makes up and the advantages of this skin.

I still remember that this was my first high quality skin in second life so it represents a lot for me.Finding out that she released the imani 2 skin made me jump from the chair hehe.You can see how this skin looks amazing both in peach and nougat version.The face is so sweet that makes you want it .The best part is that the skin is not very expensive at all and I think every girl that respects herself can afford it.

Makes up represents a girl’s power.We love to change the color of our lips as much as guys loves to change their wives..(ok maybe not that much).Imani2 offer us the possibility to wear almost all make up we ever dreamed on.

From light to very dark red lips..and from yellow to purple eyes shadow ..we must have this for sure.It makes our job a lot easier when we try to fit it with one of your styles.Actually the skin comes with 10 makes up one better then another.

So press as fast as you can the search button and look for Laqroki. They are the best in skin designing you will adore their creations.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Skin : LAQ ~ Imani2 - [Nougat & Peach] Glow skins-Laqroki
Available at Laqroki MainStore

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