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AF2010 Special // Archangel

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 8:13 pm on March 21st, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 56 views

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Hey guys! So It is sunday night again, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is rested and ready for another week of work.

Lately I been presenting a lot of outfits that I would most probably not be seen in most of the time, mostly things themed out like cosplay. This is because I have been working so closely with the Accessory Fair which gave me an excellent excuse to dress up in my crazy ideas that I usually don’t have the opportunity with exception of Halloween. But than , Halloween is just one day of the year, way too short to satisfy my creative mind ^^.

So today I am presenting another one of these outfits as my first, it is the Archangel Michael. For those who are not religious which I am pretty sure is not the majority here, Michael is the angel that slayed the dragon during the war in heaven.

For the look, I choose to use a toga I had purchase for a Greek toga party I attended a long time ago at a friend’s rezz-day from SF design, the toga comes as you see here, along, or with an undershirt. It also have prim parts like the on shoulder and a prim belt in 2 parts. Now watch out guys, make sure you are wearing the loin cloth that comes in the outfit as if you dont, there is nothing underneath the lower part of the toga. (not like the dresses in second life)

and as an angel, I of course need to have wings, now there are so many wings out on the market that it is sometimes confusing to choose, I personally here am using a pair of wings from Bare Rose which was part of an outfit call blue moon angel. It was from one of those mini store hunt they usually they have with a story in about 4 or 5 chapters which I enjoy pretty much since you get a great quality outfit, and something to read about for those who have too much time on their hand. The wings here are not of the original color, I tinted them for my own purpose here for this pose.

The sandals, these sandals are something I got for the photo shoot I did for Glance magazine current issue, I got them from *L’Emporio di Bru*. I was pretty surprise by the quality as for a store that I have never seen on blog or magazine, these sandals are just perfect for greek or gorean role play. They also comes with a Coloring hud which lets you adjust the color of the feet as well the nails, and the sandals itself.

As for accessories, I am using here the latest release from Yabusaka. The winged sword necklace, and the winged circlet. These are both new product in the long line of fantasy items from Yabusaka and they just fit perfectly on with this outfit. As always, the great quality prim work and texturing from the brand, the only thing that would have been better is if it have a resize script in it but as these are high prim items (watch out with your arc) so I guess it would have been just almost impossible to get the script working. The circlet and the necklace, although matching, they are not sold as a set so you will have to remember this when purchasing.

Now here is the link to the both from the fair:

Yabusaka booth:

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: [ EGO ] : KIM – Light Noir —

Wings: ::: B@re Rose ::: : C1 (Male) Blue Moon Angel Wing (Part of outfit no longer available / self mod)


Toga: sf design: emperors toga

Sandals: ::*L’Emporio di Bru*::: ::*SPARTANS*::–MAN-


Circlet: Yabusaka: Winged Circlet

Necklace: Yabusaka: WingedSword necklace

Until next time,


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