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AF2010 Special // Bad Boy

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 8:24 pm on March 9th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 113 views

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Hey guys! Well The fair is still going on for those who still haven't been there, I know lot of you are waiting for it to cool down on traffics by the end of the month but it is looking doubtful so far so just go there and rezz it shop by shop or you might not have the time on the last days. Lol Anyways, today I am presenting my 6th style for the accessory fair and I am very pleased with myself as this I think has been the style that I have put together with the most items I got from the fair so far.

Let's start from head to toe with the hat. This hat is part of the new release from Argace, is the military hat worn backward which not part of the preview on their flickr was until release which took me by surprise. The cap although seems to be just a hat, it actually has “very short” hair with it and as always, it comes with a resizing and texture changing script which for 250L, is a real bargain. And as all hat/hair from the store, is a must have.

The rest of the outfits are old items which still worth mentioning, the white tank is from Aoharu which Machang as always did an amazing job on the texture. Cargo shorts from with all sculpt pockets and cuffs and my 2REAL Pro Spec in the original graffiti design.

Next, let's look at the accessories I got again from head to toe, the first item would be this headphone. The headphone is from Kumaki Glasses Style, the product comes in four version for attachment on mouth, nose, spine and chest. The item also comes with color changing script which makes it suitable for many different looks you might want to achieve, the outstanding thing about this headphone is the detail texture of the cushioning and also the inside where you can see the detail of the phone.

Next item on the list would be the glasses from PrimOptic. These glasses are of simple design, yet very detail and well made. These glasses comes with the usual features like lens and frame options, position on head or nose and adjustment you can make through the menu but it also comes with “gadgets” what you ask? Well the glasses comes with a TP history record which allows you to trace back the last 10 places you have been even if you have been offline which is something that even emerald is not capable of. Also, it comes with a flight enchancer, yes, the flight feather is build in to these glasses if you need them you can turn them on and off through the menu.

The necklace I got is from Glow studio. I really like wearing keys around my neck, Is just looks very good to me and I remember once seeing this diamond key pendant on this music video and I was so excited and wanted to get one, of course that never happens as I am sure the pendant would have cost me a fortune. These keys here come in pack of 4 for both male and female and in 2 colors, gold and silver. I am wearing the silver version (Duh) and I particularly love that in the middle of the bunch of old style keys, you have if I am not mistaken, a car key which gives you a contrast which it's modern design.

I am also wearing a watch from Shade Throne, I am not a big fan of watches since I think it is kind of pointless as well as having a computer or a cell-phone in world which is mostly just for decoration and waste of prim but these watch I just had to get it first of all cause of the modern look which I am a big fan of, secondly the texture with the reflecting light on the rubber makes it just so much more realistic, and again with the option of setting it to your rl time just makes it a great item in my inventory.

Finally one of the best items I have found on the fair, my new prim nails, now we have seen girls with their nails and there are many brands of these out there, but these I have on are design for man, yes man! Prim nails are no longer an exclusive item for women. These nails comes in 2 version, nails only pack or nails with accessory pack (the pack has a “+” sign at the end) The ones you see here are the ones with the accessories, each packs comes with nails for 2 hand size, 40 and 50 and they are fully scripted with many features. The pack you see here the nails can be colored all together, or individually. Also you can select weather to wear them with ring, wrist chain and finger bands or just the nails alone. These options are available for both hands but there is more, for the right hand you will have a cigarette as an extra option to hold between your fingers as shown in the first picture with the complete style and for the left hand you will get this…

A mobile phone which automatically scroll through different screens. Both items comes with an animation which makes these nails one of my favorite item so far from the fair.

And as before, I am out the direct links to the booths at the fair where you can get these great products

Shade Throne booth:

Kumaki Glasses Style booth:

PrimOptic booth:

Glow Studio booth:

M-Style booth:

And today the fair hunt is going to start so all of you get ready to look for the shopping bags!

Hope to see you all there

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Military Cap/Back “Very Short” ~ (Dark brown)

Tattoo: ** KANIVAL TATTOO **: 79. Tribal Half


Top: AOHARU: BT_Tank_White

Pants: +grasp+: Layered cargo shorts/Black+camouflage



Headphone: Kumaki Glasses Style : BIGHORN

Glasses: primOptic: Sabre glasses 1.19

Necklace: [glow] Studio : Secret Garden Keys

Nails: Mstyle: Perfect Male Nails – B&W+

Watch: [[SHADE THRONE]]: MACHANG watch (random)

Until next time,


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