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AF2010 Special // Ghetto SuperStar

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 8:29 am on March 7th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 42 views

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Hey guys! Continuing with my styles for the accessories fair, I am bringing you the style that I love the most so far. I am not saying the previous styles I made are no good, just that I like this one the best from what I did in the last couple of days.

A couple of days ago, I went to sey for my regular checking on their product updates when I came across this top and I just had to have it, the new sey crawlers comes with the usual quality of all the brand's usual great texture as well as detailed sculpt prim parts but this time, it has more, the product being has a shirt layer which helps make the product more “loose” looking which. There are other similar products with this layer but it is not very popular but yet, a great detail and thought from the designer. Another great feature are the texture changer on the prim sleeves, in the picture, I am showing both types of sleeve texture which can be change by simply clicking. As usual the prim parts for the comes in more than one variation and all with resize script for easy fitting.

But back to the main subject of accessory fair, first of all I am showing you guys this hair from cri cri. The hair is not new but it is still available at the fair it is a dread hair which on the original vendor picture looked cute but I made it into my ghetto style hair XD the great thing about this hair is that if you got the fat pack one, like me, you will have a color change in the hair band as well as the hair itself and if you look closely, you will see three little bits on three of the dreads in the color of green, red and blue.

As for the rest of the accessories, this time I collected from 3 different shops. Let's start with the necklace. This gorgeous necklace is made by Sissi String and is a three in one as you have three in one. I particularly like it cause of the Chinese character of luck on it. And also the dices are very detail sculpt and they totally reminds me of the furry dices once my hang on the rear view windows of their Cadillac. XD

Next are the glasses, this glasses are from Gos and although I didn't get them at the fair this time, they are available at his booth and it comes in 2 type, the normal one and the model set, the model set which is the one I have on now comes already with a color changing menu which let you change the color and opacity of the lens as well as the shape of these and the texture of the frame, not to forget that the script also has a position for putting them on top of your head as well as on your nose and that is not all, the lens also comes with an extra button on the menu letting you put it into full bright, glow and most importantly, update, now that is something not all glasses can do is it?

And finally, the ring, this ring is from Fairy Tail. The ring is fully sculpt and the one thing I love about it is that it has a resize script which actually fits my finger. You ever have had rings which you put on your avi finger and when it fits on one side, it doesn't fit perfectly on the other, it happens to me all the time, but with this ring, I didn't have any of that problem. The ring also have two matching necklace which I am not showing here but I will in future post.

And as before, I am out the direct links to the four booth at the fair where you can get these great products

Beauty Salon Cri Cri booth:

Sissi booth:

Gos booth:

Fairy Tail booth:

And today the fair hunt is going to start so all of you get ready to look for the shopping bags!

Hope to see you all there

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: Beauty Salon Cri Cri: CriCri-Dread01(M)-All ver.2

Skin: -Belleza: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release (Group gift)


Top: :SEY: Crawlers /Navy

Pants: AMERIE : M – LP Long_No pocket_Black



Glasses: [GOS]: Custom Eyeware v3.0 – RAZOR [model]

Necklace: *SiSSi*: Lucky Dice Male

Ring: [fairy tail]: JOKER RING

Until next time,


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