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AF2010 Special // Midsummer Night’s Rave

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 8:11 am on March 6th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 113 views

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Hey guys, Good Morning. The day is finally here, in a few hours the accessory fair presented by GIA will be open. Everything is set and ready for the grand opening party and you just have to be there! Following last night's post, I am today presenting to you guys another great outfit with accessories of course, from the booths at the fair.

For these fair, Gems and kisses has a whole new collection that is totally amazing, when I first saw it I couldn't believe my eyes. From her past products, I know that Deliziosa Vendetta works well with metal and precious stones texturing, but this time when I first arrived at her booth, she gave me a whole new idea of what she is capable. The booth is filled with these amazing line of neon color necklace and bracelets that the first thing that came to my mind was the word, RAVE!

First of all is the necklace, Deliziosa named this series with different planets, this necklace I got is call Discovery of Mars which comes in a big variety of colors, 5 color per fat pack but are also sold individually. I was lucky to have gotten a custom color fatpack and am loving it still, the one you see on the first picture with the complete outfit is red. On the second picture you see in order from left to right, yellow, orange and fucsia, I also have a green one which completes my 5 colors but since it was hard to fit in the picture and they look identical except for the color, I think everyone gets the picture, the necklace texture is not just look like a bunch of thin glow sticks bend into a circle if you look close enough, you will notice the light reflecting and shadow between each of them. The necklace also has a resize script, notice this is very hard work for the designer since the necklace is highly primy and it takes like 2 second to resize it properly, imagen the pain it was when Deliziosa applied the script on it

On the outfit there is another product that I am using also from Gems and Kisses and they are The Warrior Bangles in Blue. The original set actually comes with 4 bangles (Two for upper arms, two for wrists) and a choker but I am only using the pair of bangles that are used for the wrists. These are made with the same quality as the necklace and also with the same resize script.

As on the previous post, I am giving you all the direct link to the booth of Deliziosa but once again, I highly recommend that you all check out all the stores at the fair as there are many great items all around.
Gems &Kisses' booth:

Once again, I am reminding you all of the grand opening party at 1pm slt today, the theme is broadway and it should be fun.

Hope to see you all there

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Baseball Cap -Shaggy -Darkbrown


Vest: *Zanzo*: Schofield Vest w/ resizer (Churchill)

Tee Shirt: Intrigue Co.: Mario Scored shirt

Pants: ..:: Smalltime ::..: Starlight Pants – Red



Necklace: Gems & Kisses: Discovery of Mars Red

Bangles: Gems & Kisses: The Warrior Blue

Glow sticks: RezzMe Technologies: Glow Stick (Red)

Until next time,


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