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AF2010 Special // Pleasure & Pain

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 11:08 pm on March 18th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 38 views

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Hey guys! So Friday is upon us once again, the long frustrating days at work or school are over once more and we are all set to start partying during the weekend!.

So continuing with the many crazy and twisted ideas in my mind, today following my very tacky pimp look, I am going to try and make a look theme for BDSM. When one think of BDSM, people are mostly thinking of clothing items like latex, leathers, of things in similar styles, but if you come to think about it, no one really ever presented rules as to how you should dress, those are just fetishes people are into and choose to wear them and here I am trying to break that stereotype.

Instead of leather or latex, I choose to wear something more comfortable, This is the Aoharu elegant suit which I am very happy I have got about four different colors from Machang. The suit, as all of her products, comes with a complete line of options to wear it differently, first of all, you can wear the suit on its own, suit with vest, suit with vest and shirt, suit with shirt as well as shirt on its own with vest or no vest. All options with its respective sculpted prim and for the jacket you see here, it comes with 2 options, with the white rose you see here, or without it. All prim part as usual comes with the resize script for fitting.

There is more, the suit this time comes also with optional items which are sold separately and in my case here, the wild shirt in black. Wild being that the shirt is open collared and each color comes with long and short sleeves which of course has its own sculpted cuffs and also, these and the collar has a resize script in them.

Since Machang made such a beautiful suit for men, it was more than normal that it came with matching shoes, the one you see here are one of her newest creations, the Anexx horse bit loafers in crocodile black. The package comes with the white socks you see here, and the shoes come with crocodile texture or smooth texture, each with a gold or silver decorating broche on it.

As for the hair, I am using KIM from the new store Ego which I have previously mentioned about in another blog post. The hair comes in 3 version for each color and the texture and sculpt leaves me nothing to complain about. Also you can stretch it to fit your head.

As for accessories, I am still having some of the items from the fair which I need to digest here since there are so many fabulous stores which makes my list of items from there just endless.

Once again from the top, the first thing you will see is the mask, this is one of the latest items from illusions. The mask is carefully sculpted and composed by 16 prim. And you will have to be careful while wearing this as you will need to stretch it on your own to fit your face. The great thing about this mask is the color changing of it, You would think only the mask part around the eyes can change color for right? Wrong, this mask can change colors not only on the area surrounding the eyes, but also the trim of the mask as well as the colors of the lips. The mask and lips have 12 options of colors each while the trim has 7 colors to choose from

Next on the list would be the necklace and the ring. These are the BDSM items from Earthstones. I got the necklace from the fair as well but the look is just not complete without the ring. They both come with great detail work. The necklace is up to 239 prim, and considering the small size of each, you can imagine the hard working hours the designers put into it. The two items both comes with resizing script and they have two options, with diamonds or as shown here, black diamonds you can choose from. Also, there are female versions of these items. They are a bit expensive, but they worth every penny and for those into the lifestyle, they do make an idea gift to your partner.

As for the whip in my hand, this is a prop from a past gift from LITHIUM which was part of their photostudio003 prop.

Now here are the links to the both from the fair:

*~*Illusions*~* booth:

EarthStones booth:

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: [ EGO ] : KIM – Light Noir —


Suit: AOHARU: ElegantSuit_Black

Shirt: AOHARU: ElegantSuit_OptionParts/WildShirt_Black

Shoes: ANEXX: HorseBitLoafer_Black/Crocodile_Silver


Mask: *~*Illusions*~*: *~*Primo di Carnivale Mask

Necklace: EarthStones: BDSM Emblem Necklace – Men’s

Ring: EarthStones: BDSM Master’s Ring – Black Diamond

Until next time,


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  1. Awesome job, Alan — you rock! :)

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