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AF2010 Special // Trip to Bavaria

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 6:57 am on March 8th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 67 views

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Hey guys! Well second day of the fair and so far so good, the place been packed and everyone seems to enjoy it ^^. As I have been busy for the last two days trying blogging and looking through the fair before it opens and making sure I got everything I need for blogging, I wasn't paying attention to the fashion blogs I usually do and missed out on a lot of informations but today I had time to sit down and went through 26 pages of them trying to catch up and I can't tell you how happy I am. Why? Because one of my favorite brand of clothing has a new release and I just have been waiting for it for so long. Also while reading I found a new store which seems to be very promising for the future and I decided to use these new found items on today's blog post.

I here present to you guys my 5th style of the Fair, But this style is not just great because of the spectacular accessories, the outfit and hairdo are also very splendid. First of all, the top, this hoodie with shirt underneath is the newest release from Argrace, I just love Argrace, I am a loyal fan of the brand and I just buy almost everything in their store including their furnitures. The hoodie comes in black and gray base with 5 colors of shirt underneath. The hoodie can be worn only the hoodie, with shirt sleeves down or rolled up. There are also a sale of the hoodies in color base sold separately but those does not come with the shirt. These top comes with prim body part, sleeves and hoodie collar which are all stretchable when you need to fit them.

Another new product on today's look is the hair, I saw this on a blog of a friend and tped there right away, the store just started but it is showing great potential, this hair style I have on now need to work with skins that has hair base and they are giving it out for limited time for free on all color tone, it comes in a HUD and when you click on the HUD and select the color it will give you a folder with the color in a light, normal and dark tone. I am really looking forward to the next creation of this store and I hope that is soon.

As for accessories, first of all the suitcases I am sitting on, these are suitcases from Shade Throne, the brand that is well known for its big fashionable sunglasses and other great accessories like necklace, bangles and more. The suit case comes in 4 style, the ones you see here in the picture are call TRAVELLIN' but they also come in AGED, BRAND NEW and COLORPATTERN. Each set comes with 3 items, the 2 suitcase which you can rezz and sit on (mind the prim count is relatively high for it is a very detailed suitcase) and 2 other versions for holding in hand the difference is in the size. Both hand held version comes with 6 poses for carrying the case.

And next are the other stuff I have on myself. I have wanted these for a long time and this time with the accessory fair, I gave myself the excuse to actually get this items. The glasses from GOS, these are the aviator sunglasses which I have been wanting since they came out, the glasses comes with the usual fully functional script which gospel puts in all his products, it can change opacity, lens and frame colors, size, position as well as fullbright and glow and most importantly as I mention before, the update option just like the razor pair I have blog about in my previous post and in the first picture, I have set the glasses on top of my head through the script to show you guys how it looks like, it works the same with all his other glasses and as always, you can buy extra colors to paint the glasses to give it some extra looks.

And my jewelry set today is from Rozoregalia, this set is not new from the brand but it is yes, my favorite of them. All the items comes with a resize script but as these items are compose of many and I do mean many small prim parts, the resizing takes up to 22 second to finish so be patient about it. The earing comes in 3 typesof options, with the chain, broken chain, and no chain for both left and right ears. As for the small eyebrow piercing, it comes in 3 types of option too but
They come also in black or silver color. The one you see here is silver. I also need to remind you guys here that the original attachment point for these eyebow piercings is the nose which means you will have to switch according to your needs as I did here. And last but not least, the necklace, this necklace comes in 4 types, the longer necklace alone, the shorter one alone, both together, and both together with shadow as I have on.

And as before, I am out the direct links to the booths at the fair where you can get these great products

Shade Throne booth:

Rozoregalia booth:

Gos booth:

And today the fair hunt is going to start so all of you get ready to look for the shopping bags!

Hope to see you all there

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: [ EGO ]: KAR – Dark Noir –

Tattoo: ** KANIVAL TATTOO **: 79. Tribal Half


Top: *ARGRACE*: ” My Favorite ” (M) *Black* TYPE-A

Pants: *Zanzo*: Bavarian Cargo Shorts (Hellbraun)

Shoes: (Urban Bomb Unit): Drunks


Glasses: [GOS]: Custom Eyeware v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded]


Earings: +ROZOREGALIA+: *NORNIR*Unisex PIERCE2[Type1]L

Piercing: +ROZOREGALIA+: *NORNIR*Unisex Eyebrow PIERCE1[Type1]Sl/R

Suitcases: [[SHADE THRONE]]: ST LUGGAGE – TRAVELIN’ (rezz)

Until next time,


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