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FDASL Fashion Show Teaser #2 – Ralektra Breda Profile

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This weekend, GLANCE International Agency will host a showing of new designs from members of the Fashion Designers Association of Second Life™ (FDASL), a collaborative fashion resource group for Second Life clothing creators.

Leading up to the weekend’s multi-designer shows, the GIA blog brings you a look at some of the FDASL’s participating designers.

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Showcase: Saturday, June 20 @ 6PM PDT

RBZ Design
Main Store SLurl: Phantasm (51, 64, 501)
XStreetSL: Shop RBZ Design online

An enthusiast of goal-based online role playing games, Ralektra Breda began her quest as a Second Life resident in search of new skills to develop her avatar in an open-ended environment where one determines his/her own path out of unlimited options.

Being familiar with Corel Paint Shop Pro , Ralektra delved into creating clothing as her past time. As her skill improved so did her interest … even to the point that she began to study up on the real life fashion industry to support what has now become a virtual world career.

She smiles, sharing, “I also have begun to study actual fashion design a little bit. Not formally, but [by] purchasing books on, for example. I want to be better at what I do”.

Ralektra’s store, RBZ Design, offers products to both women and men. Currently, her women’s collection carries casual, semi-formal and formal options; for men, casual. At present, shoppers can find dresses (casual and formal), tops, coats, lingerie and complete outfit ensembles for ladies, and leather jackets and pants/chaps, gloves, tees and denim jeans for both ladies and gents. The store is a mixture of edgy and elegant – a reflection of Ralektra’s personality and style preferences.

“The biker style clothing that I make is pretty much what you would have found me wearing in real life 20 years ago. I loved it then, and love it now,” she says. “I have always loved dressing up as well, and love creating beautiful gowns that I never had much of a chance to wear in real life (it’s not as easy to get a biker into a tux in real life as it is in SL!). Almost every article of clothing I make, I make because it is something that I would wear. While of course most people don’t share my tastes, I am here to provide for the people that do”.

This Saturday, you will have an opportunity to see some of Breda’s creations for the women which have primarily been inspired by classic movie glamor, however, hints of everyday life are included too – from the ordinary to the exotic.

Future plans for RBZ Design include beefing up men’s clothing, in addition to continuing brand development and adding new products whilst Raleka keeps exploring her fashion talents.

To learn more about the Fashion Designers Association of Second Life and to learn of upcoming releases, visit

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Pictured: Ralektra Breda wearing one of the designs that will be making it’s way down the catwalk this weekend.

Credits : Article by Kingston Augustus, GIA Fashion Writter

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