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GIA Fashion Show Follow Up // Glance On Ice

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Rhonda Pennell, wearing Foggy ensemble by MEB Fashion

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! I know I’m enjoying 2010 (omg, is it really 2010 already) thus far! GLANCE International Agency has not been wasting any time at welcoming dazzling new fashions to the new year. So, lets get started with the year’s first fashion show review!

This past Saturday’s show (January 9th) was a wonderful success with over 70 avatars attending the “Glance On Ice” showcase. It did feature the fantastic designs of MEB Fashion (MariaElena Barbosa), Angel Dessous (Nando Korobase) and Sebis Fashion (Sebastiaan Obviate) with uniquely sculpted skates provided by Krystal Silverweb from Light Star.
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The concept was truly amazing and perfectly excecuted! As the crowd bundled up along the ice-rink, models gracefully glided along the ice with incredible precision. Not a single thread of amazing clothing damaged, what great skaters!

Leandra Breen, showing off “Ice Land” Lingerie in White by Angel Dessous
Amalia Foxtrot, wearing “Mimi” gown in gold by Angel Dessous

Angel Dessous lingerie and formalwear made a striking statement on ice. The elegant designs of their structured ‘Ice Land’ corset express that pampered feeling every woman wants. Whether you are wearing it while ice-skating *grins*, shopping or with that special someone, curve-hugging lace always feels great. The sumptuous gowns provided by Angel Dessous Couture were equally breath-taking. I loved the ‘Mimi’ gowns, with their soft fur trim and jeweled bow details. Really sweet. What’s even sweeter though, is that it comes with matching pumps detailed with that great bow! (Even though it looked great with those inimitable Light Star skates, too!) Angel Dessous is definitely a fashion sin that I am officially addict to! Shop the runway show looks by visiting the mainstore.
Visit Angel Dessous:

July Raymaker, showing “Aimee” in red by Sebis
Tesan Lane, wearing “Marcel” ensemble in grey, by Sebis
Sebis! What more do I have to say?! Ok, so I loved this store before but now I want to marry it! Sebastiaan Obviate never fails to impress, with classic styles that are timeless cornerstones to any fashionista’s closet. For example, ‘Aimee’ sweaterdresses and sheer stockings glide around the rink, the textures and detail of the fabrics were exceedingly nice. GIA Top Models July Raymaker and Valeria Pienaar looked so chic in those, I wonder if their legs got cold? Meh, it’s worth cold legs, I would say! Sebis is also getting into men casual especially with the crispy “Marcel” ensemble in grey. Composed of an ultra realistic grey sweater combined with plain, deep grey pants for an exquisite result. Men now have a shop to check out closely on the grid! Shop the runway show looks by visiting the mainstore today.
SPECIAL – Did you know that Sebis is selling featured Glance On Ice showcase designs at 99L$ ONLY for XstreetSL users ? Check out the details on the blog today:
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Rhonda Pennell, wearing “St. Morritz Jacket” by MEB Fashion
Pyper Dollinger, wearing “HELENE” by MEB Fashion
Last but certainly not least MEB Fashion! What a show stopper, espicially on ice. I can’t imagine any other way to greet the snowy months but in MEB’s jackets! They really are something special and the crowd was absolutely gaga for them, too. I tried to persuade the always darling Rhonda Pennell to lend me her ‘St. Moritz’ jacket, but alas! MEB had a great variety of seasonal pants, dress, and skirt sets. The skirt from the ‘Helen’ set has a pattern unlike any other skirt I have seen, and yet it is so classic. MariaElena Barbosa’s creations have got it going on when it comes to great fabric patterns. Oh, and did I mention their jackets? You certainly don’t want to miss such of-the-moment designs!
Visit MEB Fashion:


Once the show over, we were all invited to join the fun on GIA’s Skating Pond and had a great time skating, laughing, and dancing (badly, in my case)! HoneyBear Lillyhook, the agency COO, did a terrific job as hostess/announcer for the entire event and GIA Founder/CEO Patty Cortes graciously threw a 1000L$ prize for the ‘Best in Ice Skates’ contest afterward. LarryB Writer, the talented photographer and owner of zEXPOSURE Photography, got the whole event in photos so go check it out now:

A particular thank you to Agency’s Sponsor Zeev Dinzeo (LollipopZ) and Potnia Theas (Ora Trei Designs), for their support. Get to discover these shop owners, they should be your next fashion addiction:

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See you all at the next show: Winter Weddings, set to happen Saturday, January 16th at 1 PM SLT.

~StellaRae Luminos
GIA Fashion Writter

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