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GIA Fashion Show // Punk World Showcase

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When: Saturday, November 7th at 1 PM SLT
Where: GIA Catwalk Building

This weekend GLANCE International Agency presents “Punk World” 09 Fashion Show – a showcase of amazing designs from Dark Hennesy & Steffi Villota of DeeTaleZ, Honey Bender of Faster Pussycat and Arian Voss of Rebel

When Punk Rock first exploded into the world back in the 1970s, it replaced Disco as the must have music bringing its own sound, own scene and distinct clothing styles. Loud Music, throbbing bass, lyrics of a lost generation made this a popular style of music that has evolved throughout the decades. Punk wasn’t just a type of music but clothing style, even a lifestyle. From the heydays in the late 70s to now, these clothes were adapted and evolved throughout the decades.
GIA is proud to present three variations of Punk clothing styles from top SL’s designers : DeeTaleZ, Faster Pussycat and Rebel. Each content creator represents their own unique genre of Punk Styles including modern pop-punk of DeeTalez, glam styles of London by Faster Pussycat and old school street ‘ska’ styles of Rebel
GIA Top Models include Antuanet Forcella, Di Hoorenbeek, Mischa Cuttita, Salvo Waydelich, Sensuality Cordeaux, Tesan Lane, and Wicca Merlin. Making his runway debute is recent GLANCE Model Academy graduate Ricoracer Flux!
Come explore the world of Punk Fashion with these 3 talented and diverse designers! Our unique punky stage has been designed by the creative Babyhoney Bailey.
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