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GIA Newsletter – March 2009

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February was a wonderful month full of glamorous fashion events. It was also the month of GIA full sim opening party. Our newsletter covers all the details, if you missed the events. Check designers showcased mainstores, flickr streams of the fashions shows photos and visit our new headquarters!

02/21/09 – Son!a Showcase by Sonia28 Jie
This event was held for JSP Fashion Expo Winter 2009
Store : Visit Son!a Store
Blog :

02/28/09 – AOS Showcase by Kaddan Yue & Co.
This event was held for JSP Fashion Expo Winter 2009
(to be updated soon)
Store : Visit AOS Store
Blog :

02/28/09 – M.R.M, PureStyle, Chronokit Showcase
This event was held for GLANCE Sim Opening Show
1. Masaru Raymaker, designer of M.R.M
Store : Visit M.R.M Store
2. Mimify Loon, designer of PureStyle
Store : PureStyle at GIA
Blog :
3. Kit Pizzicato, designer of Chronokit
Store : Visit Chronokit Mainstore

02/28/09 – Glance Sim Opening Show After Party
This event presented an exclusive preview of [KA] Designs generation 3 skins… to be released soon!
[KA] Designs is created by Kira Ahn
Store : Find her shop at GIA
[KA] Designs HUGE skin sale : Visit here

Thank you to all of you who support us fashion shows after fashion shows, don’t forget that GIA events ALWAYS bring an exclusive gift for the audience. Check our style cards and events announcements on the blog!

Till next show…

GIA Management team.

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