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28/05/11 @ 1PM SLT: GIA Presents Homme Style TV Episode #3 Special RFL of SL 2011

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When: Saturday, May 28 at 1 PM SLT

GIA & Rezzed TV present HOMME STYLE TV Episode #3
— Special edition showcasing RFL of SL 2011 exclusive creations —

GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premier fashion marketing and public relations agency is proud to extend to the fashion community the invitation to attend “HOMME STYLE TV Episode #3: Special RFL of SL 2011 Edition” to be hosted on Saturday, May 28th at 1PM SLT.

Since April 1st of this year GIA has coordinated and sponsored several distinctive, exclusive and fashionable events in collaboration with the grid’s most celebrated and successful designers and content creators. Events thusfar have raised over 225,000 linden dollars all with proceeds going 100% to benefit Relay For Life ฎ of SL. Included in the latest event “GLANCE Showroom #48 RFL Event Charity Auction” was the extra offer to potential male bidders, a coveted spot on HOMME STYLE TV, in recognition of their generous charity donation.

The third episode of HOMME STYLE TV is a unique and original event with runway stylings modelled by the winning bidders for each of the genuine one-of-a-kind outfits created and donated by the auction sponsors. We would like to thank once again the charitable and talented fashion minds who made the male-centric part of this project possible:

SHIKI Designs (Shinichi Mathy), 22769 Couture (Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale), G&T Creations (Greenie Lane), Havana (Ricco Saenz), Mohna Lisa Couture (Mohna Lisa) and Nefertiti Kimagawa (eponymous brand).

The show will also feature new-for-spring fashion selections from each of the designers. Each design for the show is fitted and styled to it’s finest level and presented to the audience in-world and then available for viewing on the official website of Rezzed TV.

All models will walk the runway for the cause!

Produced by GLANCE International Agency and taped by Rezzed TV, Homme Style TV (male-centric) and it’s female counter-part, CATWALK TV (female-centric), are two popular fashion TV shows seen by thousands of SL residents. They always highlight top designers as well as newer fashion brands on the grid in exclusive broadcasts bringing exciting and fresh styling options for the fashionable gents of SL and well-heeled fashionistas.

Please join us in-world for a premiere viewing and watch the video few days later on the official website of Rezzed TV (

Throughout the RFL season, GIA is committed to support and bring media focus to Relay For Life ฎ in Second Life ฎ.

Until there is a cure… we relay!

About Relay For Life ฎ of Second Life ฎ:

Relay For Life ฎ is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life ฎ in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track, just like in a real world Relay. The main RFL of SL track event this year will take place on July 16-17. We will walk a virtual track for 24 hours, just like in a real world Relay For Life. Team members build and gather at their team campsites, enjoy live music, participate in fun events, and explore the many Relay sims and the incredible builds by some of Second Life's top designers, as the event runs overnight and into the next morning.

In 2010 Relay For Life of Second Life attracted more than 120 teams with participants from over 30 countries, held over 300 team fundraising events between March and July, and raised over US$222,000 (that's REAL US dollars) for cancer research and education. The funds raised go to research, advocacy, patient services and programs, with 12-15% going to international projects. Just as in the real world, RFL of SL is an international event.

Official RFL of SL Website:

RFL of SL Updates Blog:
Follow RFL of SL on Facebook:
Follow RFL of SL on Twitter:

RFL of SL on Wiki:


HOMME STYLE TV is a GLANCE International Agency (GIA) fashion television production. It is the second fashion project born from the collaboration between GIA and Rezzed TV. It aims at presenting on the catwalk the latest releases from SL’s top brands that are catering to the sophisticated male avatar.

HOMME STYLE TV offers a real-life like fashion show experience.

Watch the show online:
Produced by:

About Rezzed TV:

Rezzed.TV is a podcast network that is dedicated to bringing the best audio and video coverage of Virtual Worlds in the world. They aim to give a fresh perspective on worlds such as Second Life(tm) to keep their audience engaged. To find out more and to enjoy their wealth of content visit


About GLANCE International Agency:

GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Lifeโ„ข based fashion public relations agency, listed in Linden Lab's directory as an official SL Solution Provider.

Launched in 2008 under the guidance of Patty Cortes, Founder and CEO, the agency is responsible for successful fashion events such as the International Fashion Day (24 fashion shows in 24 hours), the Accessory Fair 2010 (visited by over 20,000 SL residents) and over 120 fashion shows produced to date. GIA works close to both world's fashion professionals and is regularly featured in virtual and real world medias.

As a fashion-centric company, GIA produces a glossy, monthly publication, GLANCE Magazine along with two high-standard virtual fashion television programs: CATWALK TV and HOMME STYLE TV available for downloads and reruns through Rezzed TV (

GIA also presents daily updates on its fashion blog, managed by Style Editor Amalia Foxtrot for over a year.

Contact us today for customized fashion marketing solutions.
Official website:
Patty Cortes
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
GLANCE International Agency

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