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GIA Style Card //GIA Gothic Fashion show (part 1)

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Hello guys…for today style cards[and i saw cards because they are going to be 2] i will present you fantastic outfits made by Raven Pennyfeather.The best part is that tonight ,October 10th at 1pm,Glance is going to presented one of the most interesting fashion shows…the glance”Goth Show”.We will on the catwalk House of Rfyre and Sangre Noir and of course the gothic skins from Aimesis..but before that and i hope i will see you at the show let me present you some lovely things.

Now lets open the door of house of Rfyre so i can show you a fantastic gothic gown named”! RFyre BanSidhe Gothic Women Black Ball Gown” .How you may see this is not the usual ugly gothic look …rfyre invented this new style the elegant and horror dress too.The best part is that the dress comes with that lovely Headress so we won’t have anymore problems with finding a hair style..because actually we don’t need it hehe.So rfyre helped us with one problem.If we want to hide our face behind a horror effect in the same pack we have the !RFyre BanSidhe Black: Moon Light Veil that will take care of our face to look even better.So if you want to see more i invited you tonight a 1 pm at the Glance sim ^^.

The next thing i will present you is that fantastic Aimesi Skins.They were specially created for the Glance goth show so i am sure you will love it.No more searching for gothic skins in all second life stores..because you have everything here at the glance mall .Aimesis is very talented and you must admit that.The skin pack that she created is lovely and is the best with the theme from tonight show.Anyway in this style card i am wearing the Aimesi Skin Goth Silver Face1 but on the catwalk you will see a lot other.

This style card becomes so funny..but the bad part is that we have to finish it .But before that i want to tell you that the best pair of shoes i could find for this are the amazing BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent.They look fantastic with everything that is dark and horror too.The thing i love at them is the fantastic texture you can see all the details ..but don’t forget they are virtual so you can’t wear them in rl.And of course another lovely part are the heels so high ..exactly what we were looking for .So you should visit bax shoes too..

So i will remind you..tonight at 1 pm at the Glance sim we will have the gothic show hope i will see you there *big hug*

-Shops List-

Dress- RFyre BanSidhe Gothic Women Black Ball Gown-House Of Rfyre
Available at Raven Pennyfeather Store

Skin-Aimesi Skin Goth Silver Face1 -Aimesis
Available at

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