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GLANCE Showroom #48, RFL Exclusive silent auction: The Showroom Interview of Eshi Otawara

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RFL11 poster 3 450x225 TODAY: GLANCE Showroom #48 opens! Come place your bid!

When: May 13th — May 15th at 1 PM SLT (48 hours)


Today we meet with the designer Eshi Otawara who generously donated her time and a unique creation to the 48H RFL silent auction planned by the RFL team #40 “GLANCE Runway For Life.”

Why did you pick this name for your brand?
Initially my brand name was Chambre du Chocolat, but I’ve noticed people referring to my creations by appending my avatar name as in “this is an Eshi Otawara dress”. I’d say my patrons chose for me.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Inspiration is everywhere. In people, in nature…

What kind of fashion addict shops your store?
Courageous, bold and adventurous people with a vision that transcends ordinary.

GLANCE “Showroom #48″ is an event supporting 100% Relay For Life ® of SL. Why does it matter for you to participate?
I’ve had a close relationship with Relay for Life ® since 2008 when my Fishook Dress became the most expensive fashion item ever sold in any auction within virtual worlds. I entered an auction on a dare by a friend Ina Centaur, and the dress had reached a bid of 460 000 L which  basically launched the name of my brand into SL Fashion world and 1st life books and articles. I feel like RFL is a charity to be trusted and it will always have my support to the best of my ability.

How would you describe your fashion personality?
I try to invent something new each time I make a dress. I don’t churn out dresses to be quick sellers; I take my time to make something that will primarily impress me. That way I know people will like it as I am my own worst critic. My brand of dresses is to be enjoyed like a fine meal – occasionally and comprehensively.

In your opinion, when does creativity flow best?
When I am in a loving state of being that translates itself into art.

Eshi Otawara's exclusive creation currently auctionned (until Sunday, May 15th at 1PM SLT!) for Relay For Life ® of SL 2011:

Did you know you could get a chance to be featured in two virtual fashion TV shows by bidding on this unique design?
Place your bid today at GLANCE Showroom #48 today!

About Eshi Otawara:

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About GLANCE “Showroom #48″:

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