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IFD 2009 was an incredible success!

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Saturday, September 5th at 12 PM SLT is the date that GIA CEO, Managers, Top Models and A-Listers (VIPs) will never forget. Nothing but 24 of the most respected fashion designers presented on the catwalk their brand new fall collection, unreleased designs and latest releases. We have been in service for little over 24 hours and made it till the end of this unique fashion event! Crosby Noricks, founder of graced us with her presence by popping up at many runway shows and got to enjoy the show from both front row and backstage points of views.

The first day of International Fashion Day 2009, the sim traffic has been boosted to 43,500 !

With an incredible rise the second day set to 62,044 sim traffic. Herradura Baar, the incredible show coordinator who helped me along with Haidyn Inglewood to put this event together sent me the following pic while I was taking a rest after such an intensive event, the email was untitled “Try not to freak when you look at this picture I’ve sent you…
This incredible success would not be possible without the presence of international top models, featured fashion designers who stopped-by and complimented the work of the agency coordinators and models and the support of the blogger community. We have been honored to be interviewed in the popular Fabulous Fashion TV show hosted by Angie Mornington (see below)
Left to Right : Angie Mornington (TV Show Host),
Crosby Noricks avatar, Founder/Blogger of
Crosby wears PACADI Jasha from head to toe (hairstyle, dress, shoes), PACADI Jasha Designers are Lotta Shelman and Julia Tower.
Crosby skin tone is provided by [KA] Skin, designer is Kira Ahn
Patty Cortes, Founder/CEO of GLANCE International Agency
Patty shows off “Super Star” by Prism Haute Couture, Designer is Journey McLaglen
Photo Credits : Sharron Schuman
…And Chestnut Rau’s event promotion in one of SL’s most-read blog, New World Notes (+100,000 pages views a month!)

24 fashion shows have been presented on 4 different runway stages, built specifically for the event by the talented Babyhoney Bailey. She did also rebuild the entire Glance sim.

As a final note, this event proved us that bringing RL fashion in SL is a direction towards which virtual fashion is looking to. Through unique partnerships and exclusive event concepts this union can only be successful.

As of today, third day after the event, the sim traffic has dropped a little down to 38,168, which is still an incredible number that we never thought to reach! It is still time to shop SL’s most respected fashion show goodie bags at IFD 2009 Mall – the shops will disappear on Sunday, September 13th so hurry!

This event would not have been possible without the wonderful trust, support and help of the following persons :
Herradura Baar, Haidyn Inglewood (GIA show coordinators)
Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)
Nathalie Ember (GIA brand new Mall Manager)
Wicca Merlin, Dunia Moulliez, Rhonda Pennell, Mimmi Boa, Sabine Blackburn, Veronica Krasner, Miaa Rebane and more, who were there to help with last minute changes, showing their incredible professionalism and styling expertize
The GIA Models roster :
* Female models : Herradura Baar, Haidyn Inglewood, Wicca Merlin, Alexia Speizer, nemi McCoy, Honey Bender, Veronica Krasner, Miaa Rebane, Nezsy Herstein, Pyper Dollinger, Valeria Pienaar, Aealla Illyar, Accountant Adzebills, Rhonda Pennell, Kat Msarko, Cherie Parker, Fuzz Lennie, Sally Yachvili, Gamp Lane, Dunia Moulliez, Mimmi Boa
* Male Models : Jhao Oh, Salvo Waydelich, Burningbright Nightfire
The IFD 2009 Photographers (best event photographers out there) :
Sharron Schuman, Tillie Ariantho, Brie Pinazzo, Alianna Logan, Anabella Ravinelli and Eira Juliesse
Babyhoney Bailey who built the incredible catwalks and offered us a luxurious full sim remodeling
And of course our featured designers who all were looking fabulous on the catwalks front rows! We will never forget that we did this premiere event with them :
ziamela Loon (JADOR), Amanda Bolero (Bolero Collection), Bliss Beningborough (House of Beningborough), MariaElena Barbosa (MEB Fashion), Elle74 Zaftig (Bellissima!), Journey McLaglen (Prism Haute Couture), Christine Svenska (CS Fandango), Agnes Finney (My Precious), Potnia Theas (Ora Trei Designs), Shinichi Mathy (Shiki Designs), Sonia28 Jie (Son!a), Shai Delacroix (Casa Del Shai), Applonia Criss (Chantkare), Freda Fredriksson (Freda Fredriksson), Cicciuzzo Gausman (Riviera Couture), Leah McCullough (Naive), Sykao Adamski (Entre Mares Designs), Toume Yao (Convoitise), Penelope Heron (!MPOSSIBLE), Sebastiaan Obviate (Sebi’s Fashion), Ambergris Baphomet (Ambergris Deadly Fashions), Cherry Tokyo (Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos), Nando Korobase (Angel Dessous), Lotta Shelman & Julia Tower (PACADI Jasha), Kira Ahn ([KA] Skins), Mea Carnell (Aimesi Skins), Miu Edman (MIRONE), Zeev Dinzeo (LollipopZ), Anastasia Magic (Studio Nails)
Last but not least the fashion PR industry expert Crosby Noricks for her incredible kindness, availability and fashion sense.
Stay stuned! Coming soon, featured designers interviews, shows reviews, event catalog and more.
IFD 2009 Fun Stats :
– 24 runway shows in 24 hours = 6 months of fashion shows productions by GIA in 1 entire day
– 50 shows planned so far + 24 shows at the IFD 2009 = 74 fashion show total planned by GIA during its first year in business, which is an incredible number
24 runway shows featured 24 top models!
75+ avatars came to the first two fashion shows and we crashed the sim!
– After sim crash we did put the limit to 50 avatars. As a result, the sim was full till the end of the event
43500 Sim Traffic first day of IFD 2009
62040 Sim Traffic second day of IFD 2009
Thank you for promoting, modeling, attending, participating in each and every way possible, GIA owes you this succesful event. We are looking forward to next year IFD celebration!
-Patty Cortes
GIA Founder/CEO

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