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JSP Fashion Expo 2009 – Official Press Release

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PR Contact : Patty Cortes
A second GLANCE and Just Soul Promotions Production (Goodbye Glance…)
After their successful partnership for JSP Artist & Fashion Expo 2008, attended by well over 15,000 residents (verifiable statistics), Eric Coiffard and Patty Cortes decided to renew the contract established between Just Soul Promotions and GLANCE International Agency to produce together a Winter 2009 Edition of the fashion exposition.
Starting on January, Saturday 10th and going on over the next 7 weekends, GLANCE International Agency will host a fashion show on JSP Island every Saturday at 1 PM SLT in-between two LIVE concerts. The LIVE musician Dominick Manatiso and the super trendy fashion designer Kaddan Yue are the first artists to kick off the grand opening of the New Year edition of the fair.
“I am very happy of the stats and having heard of their reputation for professionalism and smooth fashion shows, I knew Glance International Agency would handle it the best way. Eric Coiffard commented. During the six weekend celebration the CEO of Just Soul Promotions Company had to expand his mall and is now happy to offer more fashionable shops to the crowd eager for outstanding LIVE events and unique runs.
As a result of this new partnership, GLANCE International Agency will no longer be hosted at its actual location, and all the existing buildings will be removed by the 6th of January. GLANCE International Agency decided to focus on its upcoming projects.
The new fair starts on the 10th January… Be there at 11 AM SLT!
GLANCE International Agency and JSP would like to say a big thank you to the designers of Little Fish (Fionay Dill), Marinoco Fashion (Marinoco Oceanlane), Luminous Designs (Lumina Elvehjem), JetDoll (Kitty Pidgeon), Chez Gabrielle (Gabrielle Gateaux), 7th. Street (Px Smit), My Precious (Agnes Finney), Muze (Muze Rayna), Bland (Chav Paderborn & Rachel Breaker), R&K (Rikimaru Darkstone & Kleopatra Rives), Wildcatz (Nakitta Nightfire) and a special mention to the brand born in 2008 who worked with us for the first edition of JSP Artist & Fashion Expo, Ezura FreeStyle (Ezura Xue). We all wish them the best of luck in their creative career for 2009!
Special credits go to Sanders Beaumont (incredible video!), Kira Ahn, Miu Edman, Cerra Denja, Suri Christen (awesome flyers designers and events photographers, thank you again!), GLANCE Lead Model and Head Manager Kurvy Rhode and all GLANCE Top Models featured in the last JSP Artist & Fashion Expo 2008.
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