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Pose Fair 2010 Part 1

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News, Style Alert @ 8:10 am on April 2nd, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 99 views

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Hey guys! How is everyone doing? I have to say that I have missed you all but due to real life, I was away most of the time last week but things are better now and I am back.

When it comes to second life, there is something that a lot of people often forgets to mention, and that is poses and animations, we use these all the time, while taking picture, standing around, sitting, walking down the beach at a sim, we are constantly using these products but often these are never mentioned or credited.

For those of you who doesn't know, today pose fair 2010 officially opens its door to the public and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the content before all the lag occurs. As the name indicates, this fair is dedicated to poses and that includes, poses for runway shows, poses for photograph, animation overrides, dance animations, including even photographic studios, pose stands and much more.

For the first post about the fair, I choose to use write about one of product I use the most, static poses. We use these for runways, and photos. Now there was a time when people use to include this type of poses into their Animation Override HUDs, but as each creators tries to outstand competition, the poses now are made with more detail with different methods making sure that they are realistic but that is not all, some even comes with photo props which works as part of the theme of the pose set.

For example, these two set I am showing above, the GLITTERATI – ROCKSTAR M comes with 5 guitars for 5 poses on the set and the Olive Juice- Secret Agent Man which comes with a hand gun.

Poses are often more than just stands or sits, this time Anamation came up with a set call Urban Action which totally reminds me of street dancing.

The poses mention above are all from well known stores, but the fair this time is much more than just of creators who are already with a well established reputation, there are also other talents such as Del May.

There will be more of the pose fair coming soon so I hope to see you all again.

Until next time,


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