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Pose Fair 2010 Part 2

Posted in Fashion Event, Featured News @ 10:04 pm on April 2nd, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 15 views

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Hey guys! So continuing with the coverage of pose fair, I am presenting going to talk about AOs. For the beginners to the game, AO is the short form of Animation Override, it is a HUD which you wear to replace the original animations Linden Lab puts in your avatar. I am sure most of you notice that you walk in a very funny and robotic way when you first begin to use your avi and that is where AO comes in. AOs consist of as mention above a HUD and stands, sits, walk, run, and other animations, older AOs use static poses while newer versions nowadays are using animated poses. While an AO will let you look much better while wondering around the grid, the cost is not low either, good AOs cost up to 2000 lindens and if you are composing your own, it might even be of a higher price. But there are always exceptions.

This AO I am presenting here today is one of those exceptions, in the picture I am presenting to you random kitten's GTR. The Package comes with 26 animations, including the basic walk, jump, fly sit as well as a crouch and crouch walk as well as turning animation for both left and right. This are often forgotten by many users and creators which I think is a plus for the system itself. Within the animations, you will also see that some of them has the (child) behind the name, this is for those avatar which are small in size, not fun size, I mean child avatar. The AO uses the Zhao II HUD making it easy to control and you can choose the controlling note card of the AO by a drop menu from the HUD, it is also modifiable and copiable for those users who are more advance in the concept so you can customize it to your need.

At the fair, you will also find other AOS but this one is set at only 450L. A relatively low price which I think for the quality of the animation, is more than worthed.

So what are you waiting for, follow this link and go to the fair now.

Pose Fair 2010 SURL:

I hope to see you all there

Until next time,


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