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[Sponsored by] Introducing the International Fashion Day

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September 5th – 6th 12 PM PDT to 12 PM PDT

GLANCE International Agency, SL’s premier Fashion PR Agency is going to celebrate its first year anniversary in style. For this unique occasion, we are proud to present our brand new fashion production, the International Fashion Day.

This groundbreaking event brings together Second Life’s most respected fashion designers coming from across the globe for an impressive lineup of 24 runway shows in 24 hours! Sponsored by the RL Fashion powerhouse which is visited by over 15,000 unique visitors a month, this unprecedented event will bridge the gap between virtual and material fashion.

The International Fashion Day (IFD) in 2009 will connect both fashion worlds… Fashion Is a Culture. Fashion is the Future. And the Future is Tomorrow…. Save the date.

Coming to you on Saturday, September 5th from 12 PM PDT to Saturday, September 6th at 12 PM PDT.

24 Featured Clothes Designers :

Jador Fashion (Ziamela Loon) – Bolero Collection (Amanda Bolero) – House of Beningborough (Bliss Beningborough) – MEB Fashion (MariaElena Barbosa) – Bellissima! (Elle74 Zaftig) – Prism Haute Couture (Journey McLaglen) – CS Fandango (Christine Svenska) – My Precious (Agnes Finney) – Ora Trei Designs (Potnia Theas) – Shiki Designs (Shinichi Mathy) – Son!a (Sonia28 Jie) – Casa Del Shai (Shai Delacroix) – Chantkare (Applonia Criss) – Freda Fredriksson (Freda Fredriksson) – Riviera Couture (Cicciuzzo Gausman) – Naive (Leah McCullough) – Entre Mares Designs (Sykao Adamski) – Convoitise by Toume Yao (Toume Yao) – !MPOSSIBLE (Penelope Heron) – Sebis Fashion (Sebastiaan Obviate) – Ambergris Deadly Fashions (Ambergris Baphomet) – Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos (Cherry Tokyo) – Angel Dessous (Nando Korobase) – PACADI Jasha (Lotta Shelman)

5 Hairstyles, Skins and Accessories Featured Designers :

[KA] Skins (Kira Ahn) – Aimesi Skins (Mea Carnell) – Studio Nails (Anastasia Magic) – Lollipopz (Zeev Dinzeo) – MIRONE (Miu Edman)

– Sponsored by –
PR Couture
Crosby Norricks, Founder
– Coordinated by –

GLANCE International Agency
Patty Cortes, Founder

To find more about GLANCE International Agency (GIA), IFD 2009 Featured designers’ blogs and mainstore SLURLs, runway show models and events VIP access, visit regularly the official agency’s website,

To find more about PRCouture and why it is an inevitable ressource for any real life fashion professional, visit and sign up for their daily newsletter on

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