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Summer In The City Fashion Show Follow-Up

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This past Saturday the “Summer in the City” showcase, brought the designs of Daf02 May to the GLANCE International agency catwalk. Rolling out with new work for his label, DAF02, Mr. May affirms his self-declared mission to “make women feel young, nice and sexy”.

Set amidst an indoor field of leafy forest foliage and lush flowers, models Aphrodite Benoir (Graduate), Gamp Lane, Herradura Baar (Graduate), Miu Edman, Violette Weymann, and Wicca Merlin presented DAF02’s casual summery releases for women – some scintillating with vibrant colours, others stark and stylish in neutral tones.

Daf02 May is a graphic designer by trade in real life, with specialization in advertising and packaging. After discovering Second Life™ in October of 2006, he began life as a resident and not long after began making promotional items for concerts and events through the Calamaro Planet Club. With a little encouragement from a friend, this pursuit led him to create his own brand and open a store.

Daf02 May has chosen GLANCE for representation, “Because [GLANCE is] very professional, [has] a lot of experience and knows …. much about the fashion business”.

You can find DAF02 clothing items from this past weekend’s “Summer in the City” fashion show as well as the full portfolio of products at @ Glance (40, 55, 22).

Show Organizers: Patty Cortes / Haidyn Inglewood

Set Designer: Babyhoney Bailey

Show Sponsors: [KA] Designs (by Kira Ahn), HAYSURIZA SHOES (Hays Uriza) and Ticky Tacky (by Narita Rayna)

Fashion Photographer: Sharron Schuman
[ ] View the “Summer in the City” slideshow

Cazadora Jacket & Tartan Mini (Left) Cazadora Jacket & Black Mini; (right) Minifalda Denim Mini Skirt & Top
(Left) Chaqueta Jacket, Top & Shorts; (right) Conjunto Zip Dress Outfit Conjunto GYK Outfit
Dark Smoke & Coffee (Left) Minifalda Hi-Rise Denim Mini Skirt; (right) Enterizo B Jean Jumpsuit
Mauve Corset & Capri Tirantes Shorts with Straps ZigZag
Crossed Top & Shorts Wild Safari Dress
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