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Too Cool 4 School Fashion Show!

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When : Saturday, March 7th at 11 AM SLT
Where : GIA Catwalk Building, on GIA Full Sim

Geek style, uniforms, sporty chic, mini skirts and long socks, cheerleaders, strict eyewear, beauty queens… High school is a special age of fashion, when we stylishly define ourselves and polish our appearances.
At GLANCE International Agency (GIA), we think it is about time to showcase those gorgeous school trends from all around the world.
Bored ? Sleeping ? Chatting with other ? Distracted ? Show us how you were sitted and we will tell you which student you were… Schoolgirls outfits and fashion show seats are provided by Jenika Connolly, designer behind the clothing line School Daze. The later is the perfect boutique for fashionable schoolgirls and is a division of the brand Freak Boutique.

Male outfits and uniforms are provided by Zanzo. The clothing line is designed by the lovely couple Theodore and Drusus DuCasse. The shop offers a colorful range of school uniforms, actually a whole bunch of combination styles going from formal school uniform to scruffy street style with loose ties. Do not miss on GIA Catwalk pieces from Zanzo’s “Kakkoii!” collection, inspired by the youth design of Asia. This colorful and stylish line will most definitely bring life to your avatar. You have to check them out!

GLANCE International Agency fashion events are sponsored by the outstanding ACfinity male and female skins line, designed by Clytie Parnas and Anhandreu Riederer.
Visit here :

Come to attend the first official class of Glance High ! Exclusive fashion show gifts will be provided to the audience.
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