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GIA Designer Interview// London Dailey

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Hai Guys!! Guess who’s back?!! well me… and i came back with the hottest interview EVER!! I interview one of the most hardworking lady of SL! London Dailey:Trendy, Edgy, Relaxed and the best thing down to earth! let me show you guys how we got together and chat a little bit about fashion!She is the owner of Pink Outfitters, Cherry, Fresh Fx Body Shop, Sugar & Spice, Chinese Takeout, The Shore Shack…. did i mentioned she is like the COOLEST?!!

Rbk: Hi London! Thank you for taking the time and meeting with me!

London Dailey:

Rbk:How was your path for being a succesful Designer?

London Dailey: Wow. Well, I suppose it was the same as everyone else. I started small….really small and things came out kind of crappy at the start and I just progressed and expanded from there.

Rbk: What does fashion mean to you?

London Dailey: I think fashion is just an expression of your own individual style and a refection of one’s personality and sometimes it reflects thoughts and opinions.

Rbk:What drives you to create awesometastic clothes, accesories, skins?

London Dailey: I enjoy doing it. It’s as simple as that really. It started out partially as a way to aviod spending a bunch of money shopping and everything just sort of evolved from there. I’ve always done design work and making things in SL is just fun to me.

Rbk: awww πŸ˜€ but u make amazing clothes wich means is fun for us too πŸ˜€ (shop-o-hollic)

London Dailey: That’s good. I am happy when people like the things I make.

Rbk:Whats your opnion on copy botting?has this “movement” affected you?

London Dailey: I think copybotting is wrong of course. Lots of hard work goes into creating and it can take long periods of time to make things. Some people spend months working on things and its awful when it gets stolen and passed around full permissions. It hasn’t affected me so far but I am prepared to handle it if it occurs.
me: yesh copybotting is so wrong in so many ways :(

Rbk:How do you consider your style?

London Dailey: I think my style would be considered street wear. I make things that are current (fashion wise) and are wearable on the street.

Rbk: yeah :)) trendy ! πŸ˜€ \o/

London Dailey: ^_^

Rbk:Whats your favorite piece of Clothes? something that u wear alot! or like a trademark of your look :))

London Dailey: I’m not sure I have a trademark. Usually I just wear whatever is the last thing I made. But I do have colors I wear often and those would inculde pink, black, white and silver.

Rbk: What advice do you have for any person who wants to be a fashion designer?

London Dailey: I would suggest doing lots of photoshop tutorials even if they have nothing to do with what you’re actually trying to do because doing random tutorials forces you to do things in a way you might not have thought to do them before. That information you can take and alter it to fit your needs which may make things much easier and less stressful. Textures can make you or break you. It’s what separates good from great.

Rbk:How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

London Dailey: I get asked that question often. It depends on many different factors such as my current mood, the type of garment I’m trying to create and whether or not I’m tired. I’ve been able to create a whole dress from texturing to sculpting and texturing said sculpt in about 3 hours. Some shoes I’ve been able to sculpt in a few hours but others I have to spread out over days. I’m not consistent in my time at all. Usually pants I can make the fastest then tops.

Rbk:What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

London Dailey: Oh, that’s an easy one. The end. I like seeing the finished product. I don’t always enjoy getting there though.

Rbk: we r happy costumers πŸ˜€

London Dailey: that’s good =)

Rbk:Any wishes for this hollydays?

London Dailey: Wishes? Um…I don’t think I have any wishes.
I have things I need to do. But they’re not really wishes…more like a long to-do list.
Oh wait! London Dailey: I thought of one

Rbk: \o/

London Dailey: I wish I could finish all the builds for my island faster. I still have 2 more builds to go.

Rbk: :O Busy girl!
thank you so much london! πŸ˜€
you have been great! πŸ˜€

London Dailey: you’re welcome. thanks for interviewing me ^_^

I hope you guys enjoyed it!! And dont forget to visit London Dailey Stores:

Pink Outfitters


Fresh Fx Body Shop

Sugar & Spice

Chinese Takeout

The Shore Shack

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