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GIA Designer Interview// Malte Antfarm

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Today’s Designer Interview is with Malte Antfarm. Malte Antfarm is the co-owner of Curiosity and a new male clothing designer for *BOOM*! This interview is completely raw, only slightly edited so you can get to know the real designer!

*Malte is wearing the hoodie/shirt combo, new release he did for Boom.

*Malte is wearing the I am a Rockstar Jacket in this photo*

Isadora Vayandar: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me 😀
Isadora Vayandar: You’re the co-owner of Curiosity. How did that happen? How did you get into creating?
Malte Antfarm: Infact, I created my first shirt on my 2nd day in Second Life using Robin Woods T-Shirt Template. I did that because I didn’t have any money to buy stuff, and I wasn’t quite into buying L$. So I created my first clothes mixing them with freebies etc, and I ended up getting better at it. At some point, I started my first store called “Insert cool name.”
Malte Antfarm: With that store, I gained my first business experience. Slowly getting a customer base, I eventually ended up creating more and more, more or less good clothes until I had a creative breakdown, which caused me to close that store.
Malte Antfarm: About 4 months later, after a rather huge SL break I came here again to figure out that some of my best friends had got their own shopping sim. I knew most of them back from some modeling agency called Nex-Core. The sim name is relatively known “Cupcake.”
Malte Antfarm: So, I reopened ” Insert cool name” there and started hanging out on the sim since I had really had no home, so my store was my homespot. I happened to run into Silent Dovgal, who randomly gave me a lot of his stuff from Curiosity and a few days later asked me to join the project as second-creator.
Malte Antfarm: With Curiosity I created a lot of rather “preppy” clothes, which matched the theme of that store. But lately, I’ve been more attracted to creating casual clothes again, so I played with the thought to start my own brand again.
Malte Antfarm: but as random as it might be, around that point I met Aranel Ah, owner of *BOOM* and after some talking i decided to give up my plans of an own brand, since I am a really lazy person, and decided to join *BOOM* as a designer for male clothing.
Malte Antfarm: and that’s about where I am right now.
Isadora Vayandar: That’s cool! You answered like 5 of my questions with one answer.
Malte Antfarm: Hi5!
Isadora Vayandar: What inspires you to create? What keeps you going? With content theft it seems a lot of designers are willing to just stop.
Malte Antfarm: Well I am not going to lie to you, or any eventual readers that might care. I wouldn’t really title myself as a “Designer” in the classical term, because I don’t handdraw stuff or sketch things. I get heavily influenced by TV, RL and yes even Second Life. Still my work is pretty much only done by me, except some occasional sculpt work from friends.
Malte Antfarm: Considering the content theft issue, It’s pretty simple. As soon as I catch anyone wearing stolen stuff that I created, I’ll just remove all my items and stop selling. Just creating for myself and close friends if I feel like it. I happen to be in the “lucky” situation that my work isn’t famous enough to be stolen 😛
Isadora Vayandar: Ahh. That’s completely understandable. So what would you say is the most favorite piece of clothing that you have created?
Malte Antfarm: hah, since I constantly keep gaining new skills, and learning new things… I’d say the “I am a Rockstar” jacket, and the Hoodie/Shirt Combo I released at *Boom*
Isadora Vayandar: Yeah I saw that hoodie on you! It looked amazing.
Malte Antfarm: and well, making clothes is no “black-magic” or whatsoever. But it sure takes a while to get used to the UV Template of SL, which is by the way the worst I have ever seen. It also takes a while to learn the techniques to do wrinkles and shading and so on, but I really wish more people would try since there are some really great tutorials out there.
Isadora Vayandar: oooh. yeah. for sure, we need some more male clothing designers! What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start creating?
Malte Antfarm: Hard question. Well, don’t try anything too difficult in the beginning, try starting out with graphic tees or simple tops. And don’t give up, if you get frustrated just stop working in Photoshop or Gimp for a while, and try again later. I learned from experience that if I don’t really feel like creating, it mostly turns out really awful.
Isadora Vayandar: Any closing thoughts or anything you want people to know about you?
Malte Antfarm: Yeah.. please stop wearing inspect shields .. It just damages the creators, every customer wearing someones clothes is a walking advertisement, a lot of shops get the majority of their customers that way. So if you don’t have anything to hide, don’t wear them since they are easily to bypass, laggy and also they are quite annoying if you’re trying to zoom through a crowd of people. And if you got something to hide (Copybotted items) I wish you’d die in a fire :) (You can Replace that with: “I really hope you’ll get banned pretty quickly” if you want to )
Malte Antfarm: ohh and T♥
Isadora Vayandar: Well said!
Malte Antfarm: Hi5!
Isadora Vayandar: Hi5!
Isadora Vayandar: lol
Malte Antfarm: you should also add that “post-hardcore” is awesome
Malte Antfarm: 0082. Silverstein – [? #01] My Heroine (acoustic)

Isadora Vayandar: it’s a good song!

Isadora Vayandar: Thank you for your time! 😀

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