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GIA Designer Interview// Narita Rayna

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My interview this evening is with a fabulous jewelry designer named Narita Rayna. Narita owns one of the best high quality affordable cute and funky jewelry stores in SecondLife called Ticky Tacky! I am bringing you Narita raw and uncut! Click the link to read more!

Isadora Vayandar: What made you start creating in SecondLife?
Narita Rayna: Good question! Boredom & curiosity, probably at the start.
Narita Rayna: It took me the longest time to figure out what the heck a ‘prim’ was and even longer to figure out how to make one but once I got the hang of it and found out there were classes, I got addicted.
Narita Rayna: I took every class there was to take XD
Isadora Vayandar: What inspires you to create?
Narita Rayna: Usually, I just make what I need, what would fit into my wardrobe. I absolutely adore fashion designers in SL & am a non-stop shopper, so I have a pretty out of control stash of clothes then when I am putting together an outfit, I think – gosh I would so love some bracelets to go with this that look like xyz and have such & such on them…
Narita Rayna: either that or I look at what my friends’ are wearing & think – gosh I would so love to make her a necklace with a bow on it XD
Isadora Vayandar: that’s really cool!
Narita Rayna: I just wish I had more time to make all the things I have rattling around in my head XD
Isadora Vayandar: What do you think is the most challenging aspect about making jewelry?
Narita Rayna: I’ll tell you this – if you want to go insane, make jewelry XD
Narita Rayna: All building in sl is challenging, but I have seen nanos break even the best of them XD
Narita Rayna: probably the hardest part is just getting used to working on such a small scale & learning how to torture prims after that, it’s the same as anything else.
Narita Rayna: but in the beginning, you will scream & tear your hair out & want to swear it off forever XD
Isadora Vayandar: omg! lol
Narita Rayna: It’s fun though! I love that it’s so challenging. It forced me to learn how to build
Isadora Vayandar: What advice would you give to a new designer?
Narita Rayna: oh gosh…. study, take every class you can find. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll never need it or want to pursue it later.
Narita Rayna: Take the class, cause you’ll learn something you didn’t know before and it will make you a better creator down the road and, when you do know a thing or two, share that knowledge with somebody else!
Isadora Vayandar: Well said!
Narita Rayna: lol <3
Isadora Vayandar: Where did the name Ticky Tacky come from?
Narita Rayna: HA!
Narita Rayna: In the beginning, way back before I was seriously considering having a shop, I was tossing around names with a few friends and I was like – if I ever have a shop, imma call it Tacky Bitches!
Narita Rayna: just so I could have a bunch of people running around SL with the group tag “Tacky Bitch” over their heads XD and they very wisely talked me out that XD
Isadora Vayandar: lol, yeah, I don’t think bitch is super friendly!
Narita Rayna: LOL yeah, it’s not for everyone XD
Narita Rayna: I do have an in-world group now, in addition to my subscriber and yes, if anyone actually wants ‘Tacky Bitch’ over their head, they are more than welcome to join it XD
Isadora Vayandar: lol!
Isadora Vayandar: What can we expect from Ticky Tacky in the future?
Narita Rayna: well, since I started, I’ve been wanting to redesign all of my ads, that was a year ago 😛
Narita Rayna: I’ve finally gotten around to it and have been working on redoing everything, repackaging, setting up new designs… it’s taking an age & a half but I hope to be done sometime around the start of the new year
Narita Rayna: If only that wretchedly bothersome thing called RL werent so demanding… XD
Isadora Vayandar: I know, right!
Narita Rayna: lol seriously! I need way more hours in the day to do all the stuff I need to get done XD
Isadora Vayandar: clones is the answer.
Narita Rayna: yes!
Isadora Vayandar: haha
Isadora Vayandar: Any closing thoughts?
Narita Rayna: I’m hoping that LL gets better at supporting creators & finds better ways to protect everyone’s hard work. There are too many suffering and too many shops closing and with theives finding more efficient ways to steal, I think we need someone on our side to help us combat it all
Isadora Vayandar: definitely.
Narita Rayna: A vibrant and active design community in SL only makes the whole of SL richer and more interesting.
Isadora Vayandar: I completely agree! Thank you Narita!

Visit Ticky Tacky in-world to check out the magnificent quirky jewelry that has Narita created!

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