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GIA Designer Interview // Swaffette Firefly

Posted in Fashion Interview @ 12:13 pm on November 23rd, 2009 by admin | 60 views

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Swaffette Firefly Of SF Designs

For my very first Interview Post, I decided to interview a personal friend of mine, an Idol and a Famous Fashion Designer here in Second Life, Swaffette Firefly. I wanted to talk to her about her business in Second Life and an insight into what we can expect from SF Designs in the Future.

Hello Swaffette, Thank you for taking the time to sit with me for this Interview. First of All I would like to wish you a Big Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of your Store.

What first inspired your to create your own label and store?

I had no intention of starting a business here in Second Life I just wanted to explore ways of creating here, there were few men clothing stores back then and I was also working in a club that held events, people were always looking for clothes for the events. I just started creating for me and friends then to fund buying some land.

Did you find it difficult to open a store? What Problems and Challenges did you face?

Initially I was very lucky to have some good friends to show me the ropes and they encouraged me to put vendors in a mall, and helped me get some first land. The limitations of the avatar template was a challenge and still is. I also had to get to grips with Paintshop pro and learn the tools, I had very basic knowledge. Creating good alpha masks was a huge challenge for someone with only basic knowledge, luckily for me I had a friend to talk me through the first one I ever made, I just couldn’t get it to work.

What was the first clothing line you produced? And how do you find your work has improved since then?

I started with the basics a tee shirt, swimwear, but soon followed it with a suit which was a request from one of the friends who had helped me. I soon found that male business wear was something there was a call for in Second Life.
I’m learning all the time but my execution back then was poor, I didn’t have the graphic skills. I could have drawn the clothes and scanned them in I guess but I really wanted to use the computer for my art, It was a novel and exciting way for me to draw and paint. Now I feel more confident about making my own fabrics, using the tools in Paintshop pro to create the folds and shadows I want, and finding my way round the templates, knowing how things are going to look on the avatar.

Have you any new lines out for Christmas 09?

This autumn we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and I created a new tux and gown for the anniversary, the red version of these will be great for Christmas parties, the inspiration for them comes from a mixture of fantasy, history and modern fashion. My lines often develop on their own. I start with creating a fabric or I might start putting some shapes together.
I’ve recently been putting together separates from the store into sets for the guys and we have some new sweaters out which look great with our business shirts.

Do you enjoy working in this business or do you find it more of a hobby than a job?

It started out as a hobby and is now very much my job. The creating and designing I love and is still like a hobby but as the business grows you have to work at all the other side of it just as in any Real Life business such as, marketing, public relations, paperwork and even accounts.

What can we expect to see from SF Designs in the forthcoming weeks and months? Could you give us a slight peek?

I’m hoping to bring a new line out for guys in the next few weeks which will cross business with fashion. You can expect some tailored jackets for both the guys and the girls amongst other things.

If you had to pick One Outfit from your latest outfits, as your favourite work, What would it be?

Argh, That’s a tough one I think it would be the anniversary tux though. My aim is to enhance the silhouette of the avatar and I’m happy that this does that.

I would like to once again Thank Swaffette for her time from her busy schedule to allow me to sit with her for this interview.

Have a Lovely Week All,
Oz Collinson,
GIA Stylist.

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