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GIA Fashion Interview // Anya Ohmai

Posted in Fashion Interview @ 1:39 pm on November 28th, 2009 by admin | 39 views

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Hi Guys!
Today its a really fantastic day! I got to interview one of my ultimate FAVORITE Designer in the grid!
The extremely Talented and Cutetastic Anya Ohmai, the owner and designer of the Faboulous store !Ohmai, here comes the interview guys, i didnt chnage ANYTHING …. i want you guys to know her awesome personality and whats behind those amazing clothes!

Ok after a cool time of getting ready for the interview i tp’d Anya to this Mistery location, she kinda liked the name of the neighborhood i live in….so we proceed to get in!! And the questions STARTED!! I came across with this sweet cool Girl, extremely Humble and very proud of her beginnings and roots!

Rbk: How was your path for being a succesful Designer?

Anya Ohmai: haha… well i wouldn’t call myself successful — but as a summary, I initially started blogging around march and it was also a few days right after my rez day, I didn’t know anyone in sl and thought the best way to meet people was through blogging. After blogging for some time, i wanted to give designing a shot, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do in rl, but never got a chance to. So that’s where things kinda went from blogging to semi designing at the same time. A rather brief summary of what went on haha…

Rbk: I sincerely feel related ;)….How do you consider your style?

Anya Ohmai: well, I get labeled cute quite a bit lol, so I guess that defines my style alot. I could be naked and people never associate me with sexy for some reason ^^” But in my mind,I find that it can be hard to define, I go through phases liking different things, one that is always constant is girliness. I enjoy good feminine clothing that’s sweet and girly.

Rbk:According to your style :)).. Whats your favorite piece of Clothes? something that u wear alot! or like a trademark of your look :))

Anya Ohmai: Haha… well my friends say I wear white tank tops wayyyy too much 😛 I wouldn’t say I trademarked it, but I do wear it often on my daily basis. I love a good white tank top, no specific brand/top in mine though. And I wear alot of buns O_O so hair wise, I think many people would kinda associate me with like bunned up hair.

Rbk:I Think Thats awesome!What drives you to create awesometastic clothes?

Anya Ohmai: hmmm well I’d say seeing people kinda mix and match my clothes with the rest of what sl has to offer kinda makes me very curious to design. It’s like I never know what to expect from what I create, people make them their own and it becomes an entirely new concept altogether. I find that incredibly fascinating when it comes to creating clothes!

Rbk: Yeah, we tend to do that! ^^Do you think sometimes your personality or emotions is really influential when it comes to designing clothes?

Anya Ohmai: yes alot of the times it is, I design alot from either the real clothes i have in rl, or just ideas that sprout from my mind — so personality plays a big part in designing my clothes. Emotions, not so much. I tend to keep alot of my designs happy in nature, not sure why. I don’t really design when i’m emotionally down.

Rbk: Yeah, i find your clothes really colorful and happy!(she commented YAY!for Rainbow Colors)Do you have any muse? RL or SL?

Anya Ohmai: Well muses in sl, I’d credit that to the wonderful people I’ve met lol — alot of the times they’re bloggers. Bloggers inspire me alot, when I talk to them and get to know them, know what they get inspired by, I get sucked into their ideas sometimes. Chance Greatrex told me I need to mention his name 3 times lol, so he’s one of my biggest inspiration and support system in sl ^^ But RL wise, I love going to, it’s not one particular person as a muse, but hand made stuff makes me inspired. is a great inspiration source as well — those aren’t muses though, darn ^^”

Rbk:smiles…Do you have any other fellow desingners u admire or you like very much?

Anya Ohmai: yes I do… alot actually O_O it’ll be hard to name one particular one. But I will say I love handdrawn artist, these people inspire me so much because I handdraw as well… so when I see good quality work by them it just blows my mind. Madsy for one, a fairly new brand, not a new creator and definitely a pro. Brilliant brand, love so much! Elka Lehane from Boing Fromage is another person I admire greatly, she was one of the few artist I’ve respected since the beginning of coming into sl, and she’s a ball of love and fun. Tableau artists are also you know, driving forces in the fashion community, they’re one of my idols too ^^ But I mean I can keep naming more and more people, because sl is filled with talents that inspire me. Great sculpting brands like Lelutka, COCO, Maitreya just to name a few, they make me feel ashamed of my own sculpts, but yet so inspired by theirs haha. I’m a big fan girl of so many people it’s ridiculous…

Rbk: YAY! For Fans!!Do you have another ambitions besides being a Designer? Like building? or even xpanding in the Fashion world?

Anya Ohmai: hmmm not really, suetablous yootz is a rl sister of mine, she’s a designer in sl as well. But she’s a brilliant builder and I wish to leave that part of sl to her haha… so I can whip her up and make her do my bidding 😛 ~ but ambition wise, well I just really want to be a better designer and blogger. Those 2 things are the love of my sl life, I don’t think I have any plans to do any other thing in sl. I would like to one day own a sim with my sister but it’ll still be for clothes and all that fashion goodness ^^

Rbk: I agree!What are plans for the rest of the year? New colection? pieces? or just having fun for the hollydays ?

Anya Ohmai: Haha not at all… I have quite a huge line up of work actually… I will be opening 2 more branches either before the new year or during that time. And these 2 branches belong to sims of close friends of mine, so I’m hoping to have some exclusives there. Then I have a collaborations coming up as well, oh oh! And one thing I’m super excited about, Designer United round number 3! Dum dum dumm~~~ That will be happening end December arounds there, it will be amazing! One last project in my mind will happen near end December as well, big one for me that involves a collection of some sort. But it’s all still hush hush so I can’t say much!!

Rbk: :O! Im going to pretend im not excited and act really professional!lol!Any wishes for this hollydays?

Anya Ohmai: That everybody has a pleasant Christmas, may we see lots of awesome snow in sl — and that 2010 will bring us some awesome new changes in all our lives. All I can ever wish for 😉

Rbk: TY Anya for taking the time to meeting with me! im really honored to interview you!
Your a BLAST! <3 Anya Ohmai:thank you for having me once again , it’s an honor <3! Dont forget to visit Anya’s Fantastic Store !Ohmai… Hope you guys enjoyed it! Ttys!!

GIA Stylist: Rbk Gossipgirl

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