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GIA Photo Contest // Interview with blackLiquid Tokyoska, October 09 Contest Winner!

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In this interview, meet with the winner of the October 09 photo contest : blackLiquid Tokyoska. She evokes with us her second life, her fashion philosophy and her inspiration for the winning photo.

Hello blackLiquid and congrats on winning the October 09 photo contest! Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself ?
I am a model, stylist, photographer and shape maker in sl. I am highly creative and always like to keep busy. Some would say I am quite eccentric or avant garde, I feel that I am strong, interesting, smart, creative & generous. I am someone who would be considered the eternal student always learning and exploring.
What inspired you the winning photo conception ?
Well I am rather fond of vampires and I was somewhat inspired by “Interview with the Vampire” where “Louis” played by Brad Pitt resorted to feasting on small animals instead of humans, The birdcage @ GLANCE provided me with an alluring option. Determined to make use of my surroundings I found my way into the cage.
How do you feel about winning the Halloween-themed photo contest ?
I am thrilled to have won this competiton I really put alot of thought and planning into my preperation of this image I even did a draft! Out of any contest the Halloween one was quite fitting indeed due to the fact that I have been a Goth & model in rl which made it easy for me to compose a fashionable, theatrical & Goth, vamp look made up of mostly wonderful items found on the GLANCE sim.
What did you win precisely and how do you intend on using these prizes ?
I have started aranging my enrollment in the GLANCE Model Academy, this by far was my main motivation to enter the competition. I look forward to my shopping spree which I will use to boost my inventory with items I may need for my classes. I am thrilled to be interviewed for the GIA style blog, “hello”!
What is your fashion motto ?
I am not sure if I have a motto specific to fashion though I my every day motto is “Thought Creates”! This is like my mantra or personal meditation.
What can GLANCE International Agency wish you for the future ?
Honestly I cannot tell you what to wish me but I would love to complete my studies successfully and hopefully represent GLANCE as a model in the future. I would like to thank GLANCE staff for providing me with this wonderful oppertunity.
GIA photo competition blackLiquid Tokyoska
The winning photo for October 09 Photo Contest, representing best the “Halloween” theme

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