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GIA Photo Contest // Interview with CindyS Tatham, September 09 Contest Winner!

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In this interview, meet with the winner of the September 09 photo contest : CindyS Tatham. She evokes with us her second life, her fashion philosophy and her inspiration for the winning photo.
CindyS Tatham at GIA Photo Contest Award Party
Hello Cindy and congrats on winning the September 09 photo contest! Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself ?
I am a model, builder and photographer/artist in secondlife. Although i am very down to earth; I am a very stubborn self taught individual. I love meeting people in here and making real true friends that I will cherish for my lifetime.
What inspired you the winning photo conception ?
I just thought about getting my children ready for school and being all boys; the setting was the drungery of going back lol
How do you feel about winning the first of the monthly contest ?
I was truly honored and shocked to win. Was truly a pleasure to receive the opportunity.
What did you win precisely and how did you use these prizes ?
I won 2500L$ cash and I was able to shop around in particular shops for nice clothing and shoes.
What is your fashion motto ?
Dress in what makes you feel like Queen, Diva, Sex symbol and an Entrepeneur everytime it glides across your skin.
What can GLANCE International Agency wish you for the future ?
I would love future opportunities to win contest and the fact they have included the scholarship to attend Glance Academy is even more exciting!
The winning photo, representing the best the theme “back to school”

Join us for this month’s GIA Photo Contest set to Halloween theme!

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