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GIA Style Scene // Ora Trei Designs

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Today we are introducing you a new piece of the GIA Style Scene. This regular column presents interviews and fashion identities of SL’s established and upcoming fashion designers. They all make our shopping excursions fun and addictive and we all want to know what they have in mind! The following lines are all about Potnia Theas and her colorful brand that provides high quality casual and formal designs geared towards both men and women. Discover what Ora Trei Designs means and look out for the major announcement regarding the brand at the end of the interview!


Hello Potnia, how are you ? Can you introduce yourself to our blog readers ?
I have been designing in Second Life for nearly two years. I love what I do and when I’m not working I spend most of my time with my friends.
Why did you name your brand “Ora Trei Designs” ?
“Ora Trei” means 3′ oclock in Romanian. I liked the sound of the name and the reference it had for me about time and trinity. For me it says a lot about patience and taking the time to work for what you want.
Could you define the spirit of your brand?
Ora Trei Designs is about dedication to forever perfecting a craft, devotion to excellence, and about people helping people to achieve their dreams.
How do you design and create your pieces?
I have a lot of methods for designing. I use Photoshop mostly for the graphics area. I also teach a course on Second Life fashion design. Information about this can be found in my picks.
What were your motivations to release products outside of your clothing line such as shoes ?
Like the designs I create, I prefer to be very versatile in the things I make. I plan to eventually have everything fashion under the Ora Trei label – hair, shoes, skins, shapes, accessories, and possibly also things outside of the fashion genre, like furniture.
Amidst all the competition in the market, you seem to have been able to carve a niche for yourself, how did you do ? and how do you keep it up ?
Most of our success comes from maintaining a high quality of customer service. The live store models are available to answer and questions our visitors might have, and to enhance their shopping experience. We are very open to customer suggestions and do all that we can to please our supporters and group members. Group members especially enjoy some extra discounts with our V.I.P. quality discount section and the free weekly gift for group members.
Winter season is coming closer, so what can we look forward to in your upcoming collection?
The Winter Collection has already been releases. We will have a few new coats, boleros, and boots to add to the collection before Spring. We also have a new hairstyle line in the works.
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
I have very little leisure time; however I really like to just run around with my friends and have fun exploring Second Life, when I do get the chance for some down time.
Last question… One thing, which the world STILL doesn’t know about you?
Well, because it is a new development, people might not know that I plan to cross the line between Ora Trei Designs in Second life AND in First Life. So look out for the upcoming website and keep an eye on the blog for more information on this.
Let’s wish Potnia a wonderful career in the virtual world of second life! Check out her profile in-world, you’ll be happy to know that Potnia shares her skills with other residents. Generous, gifted and fun, no doubt you will love Potnia :)

Photo courtesy of Potnia Theas
Interview by Patty Cortes

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