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*AWESOME* Skin Flicks and Bax Boots new releases!

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By Juliane Ames, GLANCE Model

Hello fashionistas! Happy to have you here for the first GLANCE fashion post. For this event we couldn’t do better than displaying some of best SL’s designers. Choice wasn’t too difficult, I’m mad about their creations and I know you are too: of course I’m talking about the wonderful designs by Skin Flicks and Bax Boots.

Both released some incredible items not long ago, so I thought I absolutely had to share them with you. Mavis McGettigan (Skin Flicks) and Bax Coen (Bax Boots) are incredibly talented designers and if you didn’t already check out their shops, these are definitly not to be missed stores. Let’s discover these items together !

Let’s begin with my first look, that is to say Gemma outfit from Skin Flicks. It comes in 8 different colors, as you can see I’m wearing purple, green, white and beige but you can also find black, orange, pink… I felt in love with this outfit as soon as I saw it, look at these textures, simply perfect! It will add a classy and elegant touch to the second you so you can wear this in VIP meeting and high-end lounges : you will always feel comfortable. I am sure you feel this fresh touch while looking at it! This THE outfit of the new season. In addition to this nice outfit, I am wearing “Skin Flicks Zuwena Alluring skin”. This skin took my outfit from 0 to 100 in no time!

Skin: Skin Flicks-Zuwena Alluring Shadow Natural Beige
Hair: Zero Style-Auburn
Necklace: (Caroline’s) – Long Pastel Links Necklace
Shoe: Digital Dragon – White Orange Strip Espadrille

Let’s now focus on Scarlett outfit. It comes in 9 different colors. I am here wearing dusty rose, smoke blue and green but in the shop you can also find brown, black, white, purple,… The texture on the top of the dress is amazing and the prim skirt pieces fit perfectly. This outfit enlight your natural beauty, be sure you’ll make some head turns towards you as soon as you wear it! Unlike the famous Juliette, you will have an army of Romeo to choose from! My wonderful make-up is called “Zuwena Exhilarating skin” and comes from the sophiticated store Skin Flicks.

Skin: Skin Flicks-Zuwena Exhilarating Shadow Natural Beige
Hair: Magika-Classy Red E
Shoes: Silk Dreams-Storm Stilettos (Rose, Emerald and Blue)

Next is outfit is called “Ingrid” and comes in 7 colors. I’m here displaying Orange, Black and Black and White. It is a lovely outfit with great texture details . Are you looking for a total “femme fatale” look? or maybe are you just seeking for something classy to wear while at work? If yes to any of the question above, this is the perfect outfit for you :-) And don’t forget to wear the perfectly named “Zuwena Irresistible” skin from Skin Flicks line. Could you really resist this makeup ?

It is time to take a close look at these fashion photos.. I am simply in love with this outfit. As you can see, the top comes in different versions. Indeed, from left ro right we have: vest shirt and skirt top, top of skirt only, vest and skirt top, vest only.

To match this outfit, I’m wearing sassy and sexy Bax Ankle BootsBlack Patent“. These are the most realistic boots I ever saw around SL, they almost gives you real sensation when you put your virtual feet in there! I wish I could transfer them to my RL and shine on the dancefloor when I go to party… A real sculpted miracle!

Skin: Skin Flicks Zuwena Irresistible Shadow Natural Beige
Hair: Armidi The poynter Dark Auburn
Earrings: +plus Black Pearl Earring Silver
Shoes:Bax Ankle Boots Black Patent

Isabelle outfit comes in 6 colors. I am displaying beige and black outfits. Definately chic, this dress will suit you in private parties and refined company. The addional belt add a serious glamorous touch to your overall look and will tastifully embrace your waist and hips.

Bax Ankle Boots complete the dress! For this fashion shoot, I decided to use option which comes in every version/color of this item, be sure to check them out! I had a funny time playing with the different outfits versions, mixing and matching them according to their colors to create funky and sexy sets. I saved a few combinations of these outfits and now I am I’m totally ready to dance (and flirt maybe?) all night long… yay! :-).

Skin: Skin Flicks Zuwena Mesmerizing Shadow Natural Beige
Hair: Armidi the SuperPony Ginger
Earrings: Purple Rose Jewelry from Long Platinum Beads
Shoes: Bax Ankle Boots Black Suede (with Top Optional Lacets Red)

Stay stuned for my next GLANCE Fashion Review… I hope you enjoyed this one :-) Have fun and shop till you drop!

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