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GIA Designer Spotlight // Babyhoney Bailey

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The GIA Designer Spotlight is a brand new column brought to you by GLANCE Fashion Center management team. This column aims at showcasing the talented designers hosted on the sim by putting together the history of their brand and showcasing their creative personality. Today, we are interviewing Babyhoney Bailey, genuine mind behind Djinn & Tonic. Want to get something fresh and funky ? Visit her store today and shake it! With this article we are welcoming Mint Philly in the selective agency’s photographers pool, the photo credits go to Miss Philly.

When did you start to design under this brand ?
About a month ago actually – I’ve been creating things here and there for a couple of years now.
Babyhoney, posing in Djinn & Tonic satellite
store @ GLANCE Fashion Center
Why did you name it Djinn and Tonic ?
The name I totally can’t take credit for – I was rebranding and sort of at a loss for names, a friend of mine suggested it and I fell in love with it immediately.
What was the first outfit you ever released under Djinn & Tonic? Can you tell us the story of this first release ?
I’ll totally remember because my inventory for the store is sort of low at the moment – and it wasn’t even an outfit it was my halt-e-rama halter tops. They’re probably my favorite item, now that I think about it.
Where do you find inspiration for your designs ?
Magazines, people on the street, and things I just feel like wearing but might not have necessarily seen before.
What sets your brand apart from the others?
I’d love to hear your theories. 😉
Which public are you targeting with your designs?
Everyone who wants to wear it!
Do you produce only outfits ?
No, I actually create outfits but them sell them seperately as well. I’m a big advocate for mixing and matching ones inventory.
Why did you decide to set up a shop at GLANCE Fashion Center ? Are you happy with it ?
Well, I built half of it and was super happy when Patty let me have a store as well. I love it there – but I may be partly biased.
What is the latest product available at your satellite store located at GIA ?
I started creating prefabs – The Geometric Skyhouse is actually my latest release.
Clothing wise, probably the DT Logo Denim.
Any special gift for the members of GLANCE International A-List ?
I’m always setting something out – you’ll just have to keep coming back to check!
Babyhoney Bailey, leaning against the beautifully
textured jeans rack at Djinn & Tonic store
Visit Djinn & Tonic satellite store located at GLANCE Fashion Center today to get exclusive freebies, latest releases and find more about Babyhoney Baily designs!
Interview by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO
Geometric House and Halte-a-rama posters are provided by Babyhoney Bailey
Babyhoney photos are provided by Mint Philly.

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