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GIA Fashion Show Highlights //Skating and shining

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First of all I want to invite you all on 9th January 2010 to join us at 1 pm/slt at a fabulous show organized by the GIA Team.I love skating and I am sure most of you do especially because now is winter and we have the possibility to have fun on ice..that's why we organized the “Glance on Ice”Show. Hope to see you then ^^

What we have here today?A pair of high quality skates that will make you shine on the ice.Named Ice Skates-White and created by the well known store LightStar,they create some amazing stuffs.As you can see the texture looks fabulous and you can see all the details of the skates.For sure they are a must have in your inventory for this season.

So you like skating ?But you need a pair of new skates? Then take a fast tp to LightStar and look for these fabulous shoes: one of the greatest! Good Luck shopping. And don’t forget… for today’s show, bring your skates with you!

-Shop list-
Skates: Ice Skates-White-Light Star
Available at the GIA Runway Boutique special Glance On Ice Showcase!

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