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GIA Shop Review// Beauty Avatar Couture

Posted in Fashion Review, Women Fashion @ 9:34 am on November 17th, 2009 by admin | 51 views

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Hello! Today, I am going to present some of Beauty Avatar's nouveau winter collection! The new clothing is amazing. I love the glamour, I love the detail and I love the high fashion look to it all. Above and below, I am featuring some of my favorites of the collection. Enjoy the photos and go check out Beauty Avatar Couture in-world!

A few aspects that I love about the collection are the ruffle and high fashion collars, the bright colours with the textured black, and the fact that the dresses come with every layer which gives you the opportunity to mix and match. I believe this collection is for the modern woman. There is some professionalism, as well as looks for the nightlife. Several of the looks layered are perfect for winter and would make perfect New Year's Eve outfits. Other looks are a glimpse of the high fashion being brought into SecondLife and I love it!

In order to celebrate her new collection, Aida Ewing was nice enough to leave a dollarbie dress on the counter next to her new collection as a gift to her customers! She is a truly a generous, and super talented designer! I hope you are all as excited as me to wear her new collection! Have a good day!


Isadora Vayandar

GIA Stylist

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