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GIA Shop Review// Periquita

Posted in Fashion Review, Women Fashion @ 2:42 pm on November 23rd, 2009 by admin | 76 views

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Hello everyone! My post this evening is on a great store called Periquita! Periquita is mostly known for their fabulous sculpted colour-change shoes! But the designer, Erpla Prieto has now come into different designs in jewelry, and even clothes!

The photograph I have posted above showcase the collaboration shoes Periquita has done with another great store called Donna Flora. The heels are gorgeous; I appreciate the detail and the gorgeous gems on each shoe. I believe it adds glamour and luxury to the growing popularity of prim feet! They are reasonably priced, varying from 300L to 600L!

The rest of Periquita's shoes are solely hers! I am a huge fan of all her shoes! What is different from her store than other stores is… she does not sell individual shoes! Each of her shoes range from 300-450L, which is not bad for one pair of shoes! But it is really like getting a huge fatpack for a great price since all her shoes resize and come with a colour-change HUD or script menu! Can you imagine paying 350L for 20 shoes? In some stores that's the price of just one colour! By the way, I ADORE colour changing shoes and items because it makes it easier mix and match with your favorite clothing!

Erpla even utilized the idea of colour change in her first clothing piece and her jewelry! Her sculpted skirt is so cute! Casual and colour change, the skirt can be paired with a variety of tops and jackets and leggings, etc! The jewelry is simple, yet eye-catching! I love big gems so it's a definite plus for me!

Periquita is a growing store on SL! I remember when it was way smaller and a couple pair of shoes. It's really exciting to see it grow! And I cannot wait for what Erpla has in store for us in the future! Come visit Periquita in-world at their mainstore!

Isadora Vayandar
GIA Stylist

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