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GIA Shop Review// Sheer

Posted in Fashion Review, Store Review, Women Fashion @ 12:54 pm on December 14th, 2009 by admin | 18 views

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My shop review today is on a petite well-known store called Sheer! Sheer makes some of THE BEST hosiery on SecondLife. It sells leggings, dresses, gloves, tights and stockings!

Sheer, unlike some stores offers a variety of designs with the hosiery. There are ripped versions, some with patterns and some with images. Offering all these options make it a shop where anyone could find what they would like!

They have stockings, leggings and tights! Different wear options for whichever you prefer as your daily legwear. You can even buy a garter for the stockings. Also, they come in underwear, socks, and pants layer. Different layers allow you to accessorize in all sorts of ways!

In addition to that, Sheer offers a vast amount of colour options! Every single colour of the rainbow! I could only show you a few but I'm sure you can imagine. You can buy coloured garters for these as well!

If you prefer hosiery as a top or as gloves, don't fret, Sheer has that, too! The gloves look fantastic! Great quality with a lot of options! The tops can work for a badass punk look or even some other edgy look.

There is more to see from Sheer so check out Sheer in-world! I promise you the quality is great,and realistic. You will not be disappointed! Enjoy!


Isadora Vayandar
GIA Stylist

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