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GIA Show Card//Roc and Iconic

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Yesterday we had a very big show.It was the grand opening of the ROC Fashion and Iconic Couture .I hope you didn't miss it because as I heard it was a extremely good show.Anyway I have for today a style created with the help of the two stores. So let me present you this^^

In the picture I am using the lovely *[ROC]* Grafitti ROC for Life Army Green .I like green and when I am wearing this outfit I love it even more.As you can see I added to this style the lovely hair {ICONIC} Akina! ONYX. I look wild right?In the same time I recommend you to add a pair of glasses to this style,will give it a even better look.

So you know what that means right?Shopping time.Visit their mainstore and don't forget to buy as much as you can .Until next time don't forget how much I love you and be prepared we are having a lot of new releases.

-Shops List-

Outfits:: Grafitti ROC for Life Army Green -ROC/ Designer : Ranena Olivier
Available at ROC Store

Hair: {ICONIC} Akina! ONYX -Iconic / Designer : Neveah Niu
Available at ICONIC Store

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