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GIA Style Alert //A girl is as hot as the shoes..

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A girl’s just as hot as the shoes she choose…and that's the truth.If you want to be sexy you need to make your perfect choice and wear the most fabulous shoes you can find..join me today in a lovely trip to N-core store to see the new shoes.

When I saw them ,they let me with my mouth open and big eyes.They are fabulous..and that's the perfect word to describe it.For a elegant look this new releases come with precious stones in different colors.It's just you who have to chose the perfect one.You will see that the feet has some little changes too,added some shadows but you will see they look a lot better.High qualities? Well you should take a look at N-core.

The N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II comes in different colors,but the best part is if you buy the fat pack it can be easier to use.Anyway to have an idea about can find this glamorous shoes in the next color:gold,deep purple,electric,galaxy,cherry,chocolate,cream,apple,candy,caramel,strawberry,pearl,pure purple,silver,mango,oasis,ocean,green army,lemon and lollipop.So how you can see they have a long list of available colors so you can fit them with every outfit in your inventory..So you like new releases?You like to be sexy?Choose your perfect pair of shoes at N-core Mainstore

-Shops List-

Shoes- N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II -Fatpack — N-core —New Release
Available as a new release at N-core Store

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