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A girl best friend are diamonds,and belive me that’s true .All people like new releases,they are the best way to look great,and be in touch with all the news.This is where Glance agency will help you,because for today i have a fantastic new release that will make you feel like you must own it.And belive me that’s only the beginning ,as this new release is available starting with yesterday at the JCNY mainstore.I think you already know what i am going to talk about…but i still want to talk a bit about it,it’s just fantastic..let’s see ^^

So how probably already saw ,Jcny release a new fantastic set from their summer collection that will make us look even better at the end of this season
.And the best thing that made my fall in love with of course..the diamonds.I must confess you all girls ..i love diamonds as i love my life,they are the things that make me happy,the friend that i confess everything..they represent the truly expensive beauty of a women .So if you love Jcny designs,and you are in love with diamonds you shouldn’t miss this release that is one of the best,and i know how much time it took Jd Hansen to make it look so perfect.

The necklace is made from a lot of diamonds ..bigger and smaller but all looking enough great to make your skin and dress shine.In my opinion is one of the best choice as a necklace for fitting it with a long dress.Is so formal and elegant in the same time,it will absolutely give you a expensive look.In the same time i love it’s shape that it’s ending with a diamond near your breasts making it look very hot in the same time.If you take a look from closer you can see how high quality it can see all details…you will forget that you are in the virtual world.But my advice is to go and buy this necklace as it’s a must have of the season and you will be able to wear it with almost all kind of long dresses or elegant ones.

But there is one more surprise that will make you jump from your chair.This necklace is a part from a set named JCNY – Princess Anne Collection that comes togehter with a pair of very very elegant ear rings.Because of JCNY that is always helping us we won’t have anymore to look in different shops for ear rings or to search from another set…it will be enough just buying the princess anne.Like the necklace the ear rings are made from very interesting diamonds[3 on each side]that will make your face shine.It’s so beautiful to wear it …you will really feel like a princess.

How maybe i already said,we girls must look good everyday .We must be prepared for a party or just for another day in the city.But we shouldn’t forget that when we get special events,we have to wear diamonds to look great in that crowd.So Jcny is always here near us ..and is waiting for you to take a look at the princess anne set and in the same time at their other creations that amazed the virtual world.Is your turn to look great..

-The new release Shops list-

Necklace : Princess Anne Collection – JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available as a new release Only at JCNY Store

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