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GIA Style Alert // A new model skin was created

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Hey guys.I am back to you with new surprises for all of you.A skin can change our look,we can look sexy,sweet or natural with an amazing make up.I am sure you already know the UNIQUE you remember the models skins?I am more than honored to say that they just released another one,that is a perfect choice if you are looking for skins.

Do you want to be a model?Or you are a model? but you are looking for your perfect skin,my advice is to take a visit with me at the UNIQUE MEGASTORE.I am sure you remember the 2 model skins Sasha and Tiffany,both amazing and with a lot of makes up.This time Iarita released something fantastic ,another model skin wearing the name of Desiree ,and the best part is that the skin is already available at the soul mainstore.So you should run to get it to,you won’t lose anything.

As a model you need a lot of makes up.You need to fit your skin with your outfit,because that’s what we like to do.The Desiree model skin,was released with 15 different makes up,yes ..15 makes up ready to be worn on catwalks.I took some snapshots of each of the makes up so you can see them too.So take a look and try to find out what is your favorite.

I would like to show you more,but all the details can be found at the UNIQUE MEGASTOREmainstore.Take a demo of the skin and find out what make up fits you the most.And of course don’t forge to visit the other model skins,because all of them are amazing.

~Where can i find this new model skin?~

Skin: Desiree FULL PACK- UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at UNIQUE MEGASTORE [The newest release]

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