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GIA Style Alert //Belleza Alyson is Out

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Today we have a special style alert..something you will die for. We are always looking for new skins that's true..but when you get this will be like OMG this is Gorgeous. Come with me today and let me present you the newest high quality skin of second will love have waited a lot for this. Oh and i want to welcome them to our web blog with their first style alert that i am sure you will all enjoy it a lot

Belleza is one of second life's major designers. He creates skin for both male and females and he is in the top.Because of the realistic texture he uses and the easy way of making it look perfect on your shape Belleza represents the biggest point in second life skin designing. Today they released a new female skin ,one that I was waiting for it for some months and now I've got it..the -Belleza- Alyson.

I have the chance to present you today all the available skin tones too.So let's get started. Alyson for sure is a skin that matches every women in sl that wants to look gorgeous . You can get it in pale ; sk ; med ; tan ; deep tan. Is just your choice which one you prefer because all of them look fabulous and as I said are really easy to fit with the shape.

And now comes the best part ..each of that skin tones are available in 15 different makes up one better then another.We need that we,the girls,need a lot of makes up so we can fit the skin with the outfits we want to wear. For this my advice is to buy the fat pack ,will make your styling job a lot easier.

From very red to very light lips,and different colors of eyebrows ,Belleza Alyson comes together with all this 15 makes up.The thing you will love is the variety of lips colors and the texture of the entire skin it makes I fabulous.Should I mention that you can get it with the hair base or with the cleavage too? So for sure Alyson is the top skin of the time.

So I think you should all open the search button and look for Belleza..because this skin is a must have in your inventory.Have fun shopping girls*big huggs from Ama*

-Shops List-

Skin : Alyson —Belleza/Designer: Tricky Boucher
Available as a new release at

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