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GIA Style Alert // Best Nails From CCD

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We[girls] love nails a lot.We always like to fit our nails color with out outfit..even if sometimes the guys aren’t to interested in how our hands look well i can tell you that we are.

Today i had the chance to present you a fantastic collection of nails that were just released by the CCD store,owned by Caithlin Carter.She released nails in different style but i decided to present on the website the CCD – Long Nails + Ring – Elegance – Fat Pack .The best part at this nails is that they come with that lovely no more looking for rings^^ we already have it included in the pack.If you name yourself a shopaholic you should buy the fat pack easier to fit with your outfit color ..or if no is a list of the colors that can be found:

If you liked how the nails look then you should make a visit to her mainstore CCD,you will find there a lot of other fantastic stuffs one better then another.The paradise of nails ^^ you will enjoy them i am sure

-Shops List-

Nails : CCD – Long Nails + Ring – Elegance – Fat Pack – CCD // Designer: Caithlin Carter
Available as new release at the CCD Mainstore

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