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GIA Style Alert //Drew is from Laqroki^^

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I am that kind of girl who loves new releases.When I hear from a designer that he/she is going to get new releases I want to be the first girl to get it..maybe that's the way I try to prove that I want to be original.In today's style alert I am going to present you a new very sweet skin designer by the well known store Laqroki.Known by their most incredible skins in second life I am happy to present you all this new skin.

I was taking my usual tour of Laq store[Yes ..i love to visit them and see what's new] when I saw on the wall a picture of the newest skin they released.I couldn't stop myself I got it and I wanted to share it with you too.Original makes up and very realistic look..that's what Laqroki offers us everyday.

The new skin is named Drew and I decided to wear the peach skin tone because I find it the best for my shape not to dark not to light neither ..just perfect.I am sure you won't regret after you get it,because it's realistic look will make you feel like you must own more Laqroki skins..your little own collection..and the best part is that you never know when they will release new stuffs.

The Drew Peach skin comes with 10 fantastic makes up..for simple looks [casual]you can use the natural one without any makes up that will make you feel very very casual..but if you want to be that sophisticated and high quality girl than you definitely need to use one of the 9 makes up one better then another made to make us feel a lot better.

So you love Laqroki?And I hope the answer is yes because most of people agree with me..then you should get this new skin named Drew ^^ So are you ready to look fabulous tonight?

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The new Laqroki skin named DREW-PEACH can be found at the

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