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GIA Style Alert // Elegant Boots for Hot Women

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Hello sweeties. I have for you today something that will match that business style we all want..or why not the sexy style too. They are one of the most wanted things in second life..they are the boots. Personally I love them , not just because they have a nice look but a pair of boots makes your look totally different .For example is always better if you wear a short skirt to try to match it with boots and no heels .Anyway join me in today's style alert and I will show you something that you won't forget to soon.

I saw this pairs some days ago but forgot to get them for the GIA web blog. Anyway today was the lucky day when I went to Casa del Shai and saw them again .And here they are hot,unique and super wanted *Shai* Lizard Skin Boots. Their design is unique and makes them one of my favorite in my inventory .I especially love to wear them with business outfits or black jeans ^^.For sure you must have this in your inventory.

And to make this even better,they released it in 6 spectacular colors one better then another.Black for dark girls ;Blue as the sky ;Brown for vintage style;Red for love and Green as the grass. So you won't have to search for different boots to match them with your outfit color..just buy this and match it with everything In your inventory.

I am a big fan of Casa del Shai and I am sure you are too ,because you are reading this style alert hehe. Anyway beside this boots she has some other fantastic outfits too that will let you without breath. So my advice for you girls(but guys too) is to visit as soon as possible her mainstore and make yourself shine.

Thx you sweeties for spending this minutes with me.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Boots:*Shai* Lizard Skin Boots —All colors-Casa Del Shai/Designer-Shai Delacroix
Available at Casa Del Shai

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