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GIA Style Alert // Elegant or Aggressive?

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Sometimes can be really hard to find a pair of shoes that fits with your amazing outfit.Well no more problems ,because N-core shoes are here to help us.You must visit them,you’ll adore their shoes.

Their newest release is absolutely amazing ,i love it ,and i can’t stop my self looking at it.Since the first time i saw them in their shop i told myself,that i have to own them.The SHARK heels are an incredible designs,presenting a very elegant and maybe in the same time aggressive look.Because of the gold spikes on the shoes that looks like shark teeth gave the heels this name.The best part is that you can find them in different colors: Electric,Rain Blue,Sun Yellow,Green Apple,White Snow,Orange Fruit,Sky Blue,Red Passion ,Pink Toy,Black Patent.So you can see how easy can be to fit it with all your dresses.In the same time the heels come with a ring on the finger ,and the best part is that you can change the colors.More than this almost every part of the shoes can be color changed,that will help you a lot with finding your own style.Belive me this shoes rock,and all women have to own it.So don’t stop yourself and go to the N-core mainstore you’ll find some other amazing designs too.

-Shop List-
Heels: All color/Shark — N-core /Designer: Claire Messenger;Nuria Augapfel
Available at N-core Heels Mainstore

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