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GIA Style Alert //From Role Optic..with love<3

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Hello guys.This is going to be a gia style alert..and i am going to present you one of the newest thing on the grid.This time i selected a fantastic accessory that all girls must have let me present you the new Role glasses.

When you are asking someone “Where do i want the best glasses in second life” you will always get the same answer”Role Optic Store”..and belive me they are telling you the truth.Role Optic is famous for it’s high quality glasses,and the possibility to set them..and use the it is a real object.This week i found a new release made by them..actually i think they are 2 new releases..wearing the names of” ROLE OPTIC SG-75 Ofelia I ” and the “ROLE OPTIC SG-75 Ofelia II “[both of them can be seen in the picture].They are the glasses that you must have it,elegant ,sexy and always there for you.So why don’t you take a look at their store..and search for your perfect glasses ^^..

If you want to be someone..and always try to wear only best things in the second should take a look everyday at our website..because we are adding amazing styles to help you be the best.And don’t forget to visit the Role Optic Mainstore too.

The new Ofelia Glasses can be found at the Role Optic Mainstore[Click for tp]

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