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GIA Style Alert //Greeny Fall

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Is very easy to wear a dress and make a nice hair and than say that we look great..well maybe in your eyes but you always have to think like something is missing.Because we girls are here to make ourselveslook all day better,we need to remake the fashion,to show people what beauty means.So for that we have to wear some accessories too,since they are the best key to make us look great.And what if i say you all girls that JCNY already released some special for us yesterday.It is made in such way that everyone can get it,high quality at a low price that’s what i love to say.And as you know JD Hansen is one of the best jewelries designers around the virtual world so i am sure that she will be very happy to see this style card and in the same time see you all congratulating her for the hard and best job she is making for us.She is the key that transforms us to the true misses,the designer who changes our face with just 2 diamonds and a necklace ,she is truly the best and i am happy to have her near us.So let’s pass over this long introduction because you already realized what is all about and let’s get to the fashion factory to present you the best look …

This design is maybe a bridge from the summer collection of Jcny,because now we moved to the fall collection*Yuppi*.I wasn’t waiting to get a new release so fast from her,as yesterday she just released the Princess Anne Set if you remember from the other style alert.But today we won’t talk about the usual diamonds set as this new jewelry isn’t a set,it is just the ear rings.And the best part is that if i know well is one of the cheapest items at JCNY,so everyone can get it and wear it.That will make you look great at low prices,isn’t it cool?Now let me present you more in details this amazing creation that was just released and can already be seen at the JCNY mainstore.

One of the things that remembers me from the autumn season is the color of the 2 ear rings green with gold.Of course you can change the colors to so you can fit it with the dress,but thats the color you first get.I love the shape of them it is made like a flower,that has it’s petaled gold and in the middle a very lovely green gem that gives the accessories the amazing look.Of course linked to the flower you can see other lovely 3 green gems in the shape of the tears it’s so amazing and so easy to be worn.And the best part is that you can fit it with almost all kind of dresses.Isn’t that amazing.Wearing the name of the JCNY – DONA ELLE – Chandelier Earring it can be found really easy at their mainstore.I already look great wearing this earrings but it’s your turn.

JCNY represents the symbol of beauty in second life,the best jewelries at the most amazing store.She is amazing us everyday with new releases one better than another and deserving the title of one of the best designers around the virtual world.Her collections are looking amazing and so easy to fit them with different dresses.If you are a diamond maniac[diamondaholic like i love to say lol],JCNY is your best place too because they create the best diamonds i could every seen.Engagement rings can be found easily here,and the highest quality .It’s just so fantastic…JCNY always near us.

-The new release Shops list-
Ear Rings : DONA ELLE – Chandelier Earring- JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available as a new release Only at JCNY Store

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