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GIA Style Alert //Hot Laqroki Midcut Boots

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Girls this is one of my favorites style alerts.. it's a must have in your inventory.. it's crazy good looking. So follow me today and let's make a tour of Laqroki store…they have candies * hehe*

This week I made my usually your of the stores.. an surprise I found something that amazed me at the laqroki main store. I wanted this kind of ankle boots for a long time, but the difference between this and the other is that the laqroki one looks super hot. The texture is so perfectly made that you can see all details ,and should I remind you that it fits fabulous with your feet?

The LAQ ~ Midcut Boots is their latest release for women shoes ,and as I said it's a must have In your inventory. It has that elegance inside it and is very easy to be worn with different style of clothes. It Is available in a lot of colors: beige,olive,black,brown,red and of course snowy white. I Love them all that's why I wanted to get the fat pack that includes all that amazing colors.. Stylish girls must have this in their inventory.

So if you like ankle boots, and get bored of the usually low quality stuffs that take a tour of the Laqroki store. Not just that they have realistic skins, but their shoes collection is fabulous and everyone knows that a girl's as hot as the shoes she wears.. so take care what you will wear next time with your gorgeous outfit.

-Shops List-

Shoes: LAQ ~ Midcut Boots-All Colors-Laqroki
Available at

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