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GIA Style Alert // JCNY Exclusivity : Introducing the Summer Jewelry Collection

Posted in Fashion Review, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 5:16 pm on June 24th, 2009 by admin | 13 views

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I found it! I found it! …Ok ladies, let’s calm down a bit. You will NOT belive me but you can see it with your eyes : the grid-celebrated designer JD Hansen released a new jewelry collection, the JCNY Summer Collection and oh my god it does simply look fabuloustic! Several of the sets I discovered took my breath away. Among those, the Atlantis Diamond Jewelry set, presented above. It is with no doubt one of the best I ever saw.

The necklace combines together ultimate summer symbols : adorable bronze, gold and ivory seashells are on top of each other for a superb result. You can see a magnificient horse hoof, that perfects the accessory – one just can hope it is a lucky one! The necklace is encrusted with sumptuous little diamonds that will leave you speechless. You know I am a diamond-a-holic and I am sure we are many! If you are ready to look like a million dollar lady, then this is definitely the set for you. I would recommend you to wear it with almost all kind of summer outfits especially dresses — I would put a minus on swimwear though, since it is such an elegant piece. Be proud to wear JCNY latest creation, the favorite jewelry of SL's fashionista!
You will certainly not be disappointed by the gorgeous pair of earrings that comes with the set. In the form of beautiful flowers with diamond drops hanging on the tip, you are sure that your necklace will find the perfect match.

To get an it-look I would tell you to wear a sophisticated hairstyle with this set, maybe a bun or a ponytail. We managed to get this brand new realease for you, now it is your turn to enjoy it! Have a fun shopping time at JCNY! Click me to shop JCNY.

Credits : Photo and review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

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