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GIA Style Alert // Lelutka is conquering the virtual world

Posted in Fashion Review, Women Fashion @ 11:08 am on July 23rd, 2009 by admin | 97 views

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I am back today on the glance website,with great news from the famous Lelutka Shop.I've got in my style card their newest release [I know we are fast on posting them].You won't have anymore to look for a nice hair and a amazing dress,because lelutka already take care of that and prepared us one of the best creations..come with me at their mainstore and let's take a tour around the newest release ..

This time she prepared for us an amazing dress named ATHENA gown ,that comes in different colors.Even if I like a lot black, I decided to try something new,and was thinking at a dark red [isn't it perfect?]What I loved a lot was the style of the dress,and the amazing shoulder that are linked with the tops with some diamonds or precious stone.Anyway that makes the look a lot better.You can wear the dress with one shoulder or both ,like I already presented in the style card photo.I played a bit with them and fixed amazing on my shape,now I can truly say that I am proud of what I am wearing.You should get it to ,or at least look at the other designs that are fabulous

As we go on with the Lelutka new release we stop at their amazing hair that includes: Christen,Gaga,Kate,Kianna.I chose to present for you in this style card alert the Kianna,since I thought that would be an interesting and nice hair for this style of dress[ and I am sure I was right] .The hair comes in different colors :Blonde,Brown,Peroxider,Black,Red.All of them look amazing,but my favorite are the brown and black .But if your shape fits good with a red hair,then you should wear the red pack ,it will look amazing with the dark red dress belive me,and you know I am rare wrong hehe.

So [writes this day in the calendar] in 23 July 2009,Lelutka released some new collection of fantastic hairs and dress that must be seen by everyone,so my advice is to press fast search look for lelutka and tp .You must see them and of course buy them too

-Shop List-

All this dresses presented in this style card were new releases so you can find them all at the
only shop Lelutka Mainstore


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