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GIA STYLE ALERT // “Rizzo” by BlackLace

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Having always been a BLACKLACE fan I was surprised to find I have never blogged about them – shock horror!!! So when I saw the information for the “Rizzo” hit my inventory this morning I thought “why not”.

BLACKLACE has joined many other designers in the “Taste of SL” group – a group which showcases creations but for a limited amount of time AND for a distinctly lower price; so when I saw the price of the “Rizzo” was only a mere L$100 I nearly fainted.

“Rizzo” is a lace satin bodice pannelled with floral black lace down the centre and around the bustline. It accentuates the curves and makes sure any “less firm” parts of your body are kept in nice and tight *grins*. Not only does the “Rizzo” come with some of the best stockings in SL – the gentle sheen seems almost RL – but also a funky little feather boa, for that added touch of sultry sexiness. My favourite part of this outfit has to be the fact it is not a “g-string” pantie *thanks god*. There is nothing worse than a piece of stick thin elastic in between your cheeks ^^ – highly unflattering in my opinion. A full coverage pantie is just as sexy as it leaves more to the imagination :)

Only available for a week, this Limited Edition Rizzo is a wardrobe staple!!

Much Happiness – Emerald x


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Underwear: “Rizzo” by BlackLace

Hair: “Winter” by Detour


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